Thursday, October 31, 2013

September Everday Pictures

Today is the last day of October which means time for September pictures! Looking back at these pictures, I can't believe how much she has grown and developed in just the last 1-2 months.
(9 months old)

She doesn't really try to get into cabinets on her own yet. But when I'm trying to do things in the kitchen and she's half hanging on my leg and half holding on to the cabinets...I give her something to do.

Not sure what this one was about. Maybe I was just in love with the standing in only a diaper look.

 I bought a few of these food pouches for those times when, well, a pouch is more convenient. She was able to hold it and suck it down for the first time.

 Eating her puffs.

 Lovin' her some Yo Gabba Gabba. Look at those cheeks!

 I caught her leaning way into her basket and pulling things out.

Great Grandpa stopped by for the night on his way back to Washington.

 Trying to drink out of the cup. Then of course it leads to choking on water.

 She often has eggs for Breakfast and I had left to get something in the kitchen and came back and saw her reach for the fork and try to feed herself. Cute! (Notice Jolie waiting for the drop...she must not see the egg under the couch).

 After daddy gives her a bath they always come to me and either play peek-a-boo with the towel (which we call "Where is Ellie?")  or he wraps her up to look just so darn cute.

 She loves when Jolie plays with her! She was getting into Jolie's toys too.

 James had brought home some food and I let Ellie "lick" a pickle which turned into devouring a pickle.

 Bathtime babies are just too much to handle!

 She has two favorite books. This is definitely one of her favorites. She is getting better at turning the pages too.

I had put her in her carseat and looked at her and thought, "oh man, she's getting big" look. A few days old/almost 10 months old.

October pics coming soon!
Happy Halloween

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

M family

This family became our first friends when we moved to Idaho. They lived 2 houses down from our rental home and were in our ward. Ryan was there the day we moved in (and out) to help with furniture. Amy and I became good friends. She's helped me with quite a few sewing projects and is my go to babysitter for both Jolie and Ellie.

Fun fact. After calling James, Amy was the next person I told that my water had broke. We were supposed to go to her moms to work on a project and she called to see if I was ready...ya, ready to have a baby!

Anyways, before all the fall leaves fell from the trees we were able to get a much needed family session done. We got a lot of good pictures, but these are 3 of my favorites.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Quick Family Pictures

It's getting cold around these parts. The news always says, "It's below normal." Next year, hopefully, they'll save it's "above normal." Really though, there is no normal when it comes to weather. None the less, it's getting cold here, that's all I know.
I try to capture pictures of Ellie growing up the best I can, but I also want to capture us as a family growing up, especially before it gets any colder. Today, with the wind,  it made it exceptionally chilly, but I was determined. So, out we went with my tripod.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

10 months

Guess who is 10 months old today? I can't believe it either. I was staring at her today and said to James, "She's like a little human." I mean, I know she is. But the way she was sitting playing with her feet while watching her beloved Yo Gabba Gabba, it was just so human like.
 She amazes me everyday with how much she is learning. She is starting to communicate more and you can tell when she is really trying to talk and/or sing.
 She loves going to story time at the Library. Parents are always so impressed by her. She crawls over to just about anyone and makes herself at home. I guess that's better than being stuck to my leg and antisocial.
 When shopping, she has become more stoic and doesn't just smile at everyone now. She's either got to be super happy or the person has to initiate the smiles. But her stoic facial expression gets ooos and awws just as much.
 As I wrote down below, one thing that Ellie has been doing lately that makes us laugh is "destroy" things. I'll be playing with her blocks and build this awesome house and then here comes Godzilla and pushes it down. Also, she has this little toy bus that the people sit in and as I try to get all the people on the bus she's throwing them out just as fast. It gives us a good laugh.
Ellie also enjoys my theatrical side. I have some finger puppets that we play with and I put on elaborate stories and she just sits and watches with a smile on her face. 
Ellie has also been really into those books where you lift the flaps. She's destroyed a few flaps, but she does understand the concept and loves to be able to lift it up to see what's underneath. 
And I have to just say, a few months ago Ellie would try to roll over when I was changing her diaper, but it was manageable. But now, OMG, it's like a wrestling match for sure. The harder I try to get her to roll back the more she fights it and then she usually ends up hanging upside down screaming with me holding her ankles. I try to switch it up each time and distract her with lots of different things, but it doesn't always work.
Anyways, I love my little Ellie. I'm keeping her for sure! 

Ellie thought it was play time when we stuck her on the chair. She was moving around that chair and jumping up and down like crazy. Daddy had to save her life a few times and catch her mid air. Pretty sure she thought she was SO funny and was doing her deep belly giggles the entire time.