Saturday, April 20, 2013

New House

James and I bought our first home! It's pretty exciting. When we first moved to Idaho we thought we would live in our rental for a year and then buy a home once we got to know the area. However, when we realized how low the prices of houses and interest rates were we decided to buy a home sooner. We started looking at houses in September. We looked at TONS of homes. We had our requirements and we didn't want to settle. There was one house we made an offer on didn't get it. And a few others we were going to make offers on were gone by the first day of it being listed. Looking at houses 9 months pregnant was
A week after Ellie was born we saw this house. Only downfall was it was a Short Sale. But it met all our requirements so we took a look and liked it. We put our offer in in December and we just closed this past week, April. In the end, it's been almost a full year since we've been in Idaho so I guess our Plan A was what ended up happening any how.
We are excited to make some changes to the home. Starting with the WHOLE interior being painted. I'll be sure to share before and after pictures. 
And, I'm pretty excited to finally set up a nursery for Ellie. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

One Year

It's been exactly one year since James and I found out we were expecting.

I was up early to get ready for work and James had been up all night working on a school project. I had some super early signs that I might be pregnant so on the earliest day possible they recommend taking the test for accurate results, I did. I started getting ready while the test worked it's magic and a few minutes later I looked down and yelled "It Says I'm Pregnant." James, slightly confused what all the ruckus was about asked, "What?" I ran out into the living room and showed him. We were super excited!! He cleaned the house and bought me flowers to come home to that day. Such a great husband.

And now, one year later, we have Ellie. A happy, healthy, sweet spirited 4 month old. 

We wouldn't trade her for the world.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

4 months old

Guess who turned 4 months old yesterday? Yes, already, Ellie is 4 months old. However, I feel like she has been with us much longer than that. We love watching Ellie grow and discover new things. She is so fun to play with and make smile and giggle. She has become so aware of things and we notice her studying things for longer lengths of time. We enjoy taking her on walks and out to run errands because when she's awake she tracks the different things she sees (you can just see her soaking in all the new information). Ellie still loves the water and baths are so enjoyable. She is now sleeping in her crib at night and can't stay awake past 9 or 9:30pm. She isn't quite sleeping straight through the night, but 6.5-8 hours stretches are pretty normal. Ellie also loves talking and my favorite thing is when she talks to herself in the mirror in the car. Melts my heart. She does a lot of heart melting around here, we just love her!

Studying those hands...

Sucking on her favorite toy...

We still can't tell what color her eyes are or are going to be. They are dark so they look sort of brown, but then some days they are green. I call them iridescent because they just sparkle and resemble mirrors.

Update: 4 month stats: 11lbs 10oz (9%), 23in. long (28%), head 15in (0%)