Friday, July 31, 2015

The last of July

A few pictures to close out July.

I blew up Ellie's pool sometime this month, I think, and we only have used it a couple of times. I feel bad for not taking her out in it more but it's hot and that's work and I'm pregnant. Good excuse?
She started lounging like this on her own and I said, "Hold that pose I need a picture."

I've mentioned before that Ellie loves youtube videos and/or going through my photo and video gallery on my phone. Thought her lounge position was cute in her little panties. 

Lastly, also mentioned before, Ellie thinks we take pictures before church every Sunday now. LOL. But I haven't been able to attend church in a few weeks because it kills my back. But after Ellie gets ready she comes in and she usually picks out a tie for dad. Blue polka-dots today.
Ellie loves church. Like loves it. She looks so forward to nursery and playing with her friends. Her teachers are older and she refers to them as Grandma and Grandpa. It's the cutest. I feel guilty whenever she has to miss it because she loves it so much. And thanks to James for taking her to Sacrament alone. Not that she is any trouble by any means but he does it alone. 

Maternity Pictures

I wanted to get some maternity pictures done around 33 weeks because of how uncomfortable my pregnancy has been I knew sooner was better, just in case. I had this idea to do a lifestyle shoot at a snow cone place and James and I would take our own traditional pictures.
I searched for a photographer and found that most lifestyle photographers were way too expensive for just a maternity shoot. However, I found a photographer who had great pictures on her facebook. They were clear and high quality and had good composition and were edited well. All important things to me. She hadn't really done a lifestyle shoot before but I had a feeling she'd be able to pull it off. So we met at this cute little Snow Shack by my house one evening and this is the result. She did such a great job. I'm very happy with them.

Because we hired someone for the above pictures, I thought we could manage a few that were more traditional. Looking back, probably never again. Ellie does great with the timer on the camera, but getting a good shot and only getting to take one picture at a time was too time consuming. And the mosquitoes were eating me alive. I'm allergic to their bites too so the days following was me laying on the couch with ice both on my back and my legs. So thankful Ellie didn't get bit. Surprisingly!
And James and I didn't get a picture just the two of us. Oh well, right? *sad face*
34.3 weeks

July Part 1

32 weeks pregnant. 

For the 4th of July we went to the park downtown where they have some events. One thing they do is chalk art on the side walks. We went when Ellie was a baby and thought she like to check it out this year. There were some really impressive masterpieces but of course Needed a picture of Anna and Elsa (even though, I admit, they look a little weird).
Then we let Ellie play at the park for a little bit before we went out to lunch.

Earlier that morning Ellie pooped in the potty for the first time. She decided she wanted to potty train after seeing her best friend Phoebe use the potty at our house and she has done awesome since. So anyways, for pooping in the potty (which is a big hurdle for toddlers!) she got to pick out some ice cream. Yummy!
 And she wanted PINK ice cream

It gets dark late around here and James and I didn't care enough to go anywhere and our neighbors across the street always go firework crazy so we figured we could just watch them light theirs. But my friend Lindsay, who lives kitty-corner from us, invited us to their firework extravaganza so here are some pictures from that.