Thursday, January 28, 2010


I lost my blog lists. The people I stalk. I am so sad. If you read my blog, leave me a message so I can add you back in.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Husband Can Sew


Monday, January 18, 2010


My friend Tania's baby, Sadie, spent the night this weekend which made me really happy! I love Miss Sadie and she loves Jolie!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

4 of {x} REDO!

James and I have been looking for a TV stand forever. Since I lived with my past roommate we have been using this...

I of course wanted something inexpensive that we could redo. We have checked Goodwill, DI, and other used furniture stores nearly every week for about 6 months, but nothing good had come about. I told James we needed to be patient because eventually we would find something.

Well...last Saturday we were on the North side of town and we went to the Goodwill there. We found a solid oak stand for $20 that would work perfectly. I had coupons at home (turns out they were only good for central Phoenix Goodwills :/ ) so we drove home and after we grabbed James truck I suggested we stop by the Goodwill near us just to be sure.

Boy was I glad we did. We couldn't believe our eyes! I full TV entertainment center, solid oak, for a BARGAIN, only $50! James stood by it to claim it and I went and found help. We rushed that thing home and couldn't wait to get started on redoing it.

I'm guessing a piece of furniture like this would cost anywhere from $200-$400! The guy that was helping us load it into the truck said it had just come in not long ago that very same day. So it was perfect timing.

Here are the pictures...

I realized this morning I deleted the before pictures of the center last night and I was really sad, but my wonderful, smart, sexy husband recovered them for me so I could share them with you all.

Notice we left the door off because I wanted to put baskets in. However, if we had the left the door on I think I would have put chicken wire in where the glass was. James thinks we broke our record for number of stores visited in one day looking for baskets, but what can we say, we like to be sure on what we are buying. We bought a package of three different sizes at Ross then I brilliantly thought of checking world market. They did have the most gorgeous green baskets that would be PERFECT. Or so we thought.

Unfortunately they were a little too small for the space, so we checked out Bed Bath and Beyond, with wedding gift card and coupons in hand, where we found the green ones that are in there now. They ended up working just fine and I like them because they are deep and you can't see the junk you put in them. But I was a little frustrated to find out when I got home that I forgot to use the gift card! ugh. I hate when that happens!!!

Anyways, that is it hope you enjoyed. I am very proud of this redo. It makes our home a little more homely and is just our style!

Friday, January 8, 2010

3 of {x} Believe

I wanted to make a cute little scrapbook of James and I's first married Christmas together to put on display during the Christmas season. I picked up a chipboard book with the word BELIEVE already cut out. I picked out the correct number of x-mas papers and got some cute ribbon and buttons to add a little "chunky" onto it.

I wanted a 70's look. I don't know why, but I did. I edited each photo to have that 70's tint to it and printed it on regular printer paper. Then I mod podged it on. I saw ornaments made in the same way and it turned out way cute, but of course mine wasn't. The paper was too thin or the ink too thick or the glue too sticky or something. After it was all said and done it looked fine and it turned out like I wanted it too, but it was not THAT easy like I expected.

2 of {x} new toy

James and I got a new is a lot of fun. Here are some practice pictures using the new lens.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

OnE of {X}

I have not posted in quite some time and now the things I need to blog about have piled up. I am starting with the event that took place last first because...well just because. I hope you enjoy this 'event' as much as I did.

James and I started dating in September of 2007 and from then until now, January 2010, a lot has changed regarding his....HAIR! See for yourself.

September 2007-He felt like he was starting to get a receding hair line so he tried to compensate by growing a little "puff" on the top. Interesting.

December 2007- I suggested growing his curly/wavy/frizzy hair out which didn't look bad by any means, just wasn't perfect.

July 2008-We started buzzing his hair, but I'm not sure when that started. All I know as it began getting shorter and shorter with time.

February 2009-This was his hair for our engagement pictures. Buzzed and still short.

January 2010-This is James a few days ago working on the next thing I will be blogging about. Anyhow, he was looking at these pictures and freaked saying "babe I'm balding. i'm shaving it." For once I replied "okay." (notice I put 2009 not 2010.that will take getting used to.)

So I grabbed my camera and the fun began. He went outside to shave his head (which is my new rule since wiping up tiny, miniature hairs off the bathroom floor isn't easy or fun) and he came in with his belly out saying "woman where is my beer." Me and my friend Emily were laughing so hard! {just to reassure those who are worried...James does NOT talk to me like that!!!!!} Then he proceeded to shave his head with his razor. Oh and his beard too. Unfortunately, the after picture is three days later so it is growing in already but he did look like Vin Disel.minus the man boobs.

Stay tuned for more posts to come!