Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Overview

Well look at that. June came and went. I said at the end of May, "We have all of June, all of July, then we're having a baby in August." And just as anticipated, June flew by. This pregnancy, while I really really hoped for better than the last, has been sooo hard since 26 weeks. I was pretty sick up until 16 and had a few good weeks after that which was good since James was injured. Then at 26 weeks, all the upper right back pain, that radiates through my right ribs, like I had with Ellie, came back and has only gotten worse. James and I think it is worse than when I was pregnant with Ellie. Although, I do have to do a lot more now this time around having a 2 year old at home. But grateful for naps because I HAVE to lay down by 1-2pm for the majority of the rest of the night.

28.3 weeks pregnant

James and Ellie playing at the table. Ellie is really into all her little toy; like her Magiclip Cinderella, the Little People she has, and the fairies and ponies that came from the dollar section at Target. She likes to sit there, in that spot. and play with them all.

29.3 weeks

Ellie got to have a few play dates with her best little friend, Phoebe, this month too. They are so cute together. They are about 4-5 months apart and are on complete opposite ends of the height spectrum, as you can see. Makes us laugh.

I saw someone ask a question on Facebook about the circus and I thought, "Huh? What Circus?" I looked it up and found out the Shriner Circus was in town that weekend. I thought Ellie would really enjoy going so I threw the idea past James and we agreed to take her. But come the day of, I just couldn't go. I was in so much pain and laid down all day long. I tried to rest so I could go, because I was really upset about it, but every time I got up the pain settled in fast and I knew I wouldn't be able to sit in the chairs James said he would take her alone on a date. I sent him with my camera! I was so sad to miss it, like I said.

Ellie had a blast!! It was a lot longer than I expected it to be too so I am glad I didn't go. I wouldn't have lasted that long. James said Ellie's favorite part was the guy coming out of the Cannon and she still talks about that. They also had a pony, camel or elephant that people could ride for more money, James spoiled Ellie and let her ride the pony. She doesn't look super happy in the picture but James said she enjoyed it and it was hard to take a picture and walk along side her, ha.
I'm glad she had fun with her daddy and that she still talks about going. That makes it all worth it. It's crazy how much we enjoy doing special things for our kids.

30.3 weeks pregnant

Ellie has really been into Cinderella lately and I scored this magnet set off a Facebook yard sale for a couple of bucks and she plays with it almost everyday. I love watching her playing and imagination have evolved too. She used to just mix it all up and look for an outfit to put on her, but now she makes a "closet" of all Cinderella's clothes. James and I found this laying out after she went down for a nap and I had to take a picture. She had never matched the gloves and flowers and hats together before that I've noticed. She also takes an interest in wedding dresses and veils and since Cinderella doesn't have a veil in this set she uses the fan and holds it behind Cinderella's head and calls it a veil. After I saw the fan it in the collection lying there, I decided to make one. (not pictured). But I took some sheer white fabric, cut it and glued it onto a magnet that James flattened and cut down. She loves it and now the fan is properly used as a fan again.

I have a long chore list for James to get done before the baby comes. I feel bad, but not really, you know what I mean? LOL. But my car needed a good cleaning so I sent James out there with Ellie and they got to scrubbing. Ellie had a lot of fun! It's all new and exciting to her which makes it fun for us too.

Ellie and her boo boos. Good thing they are "getting better like Dad's knee."