Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Pictures in the Snow and extras

I made this crochet hat for my mom but then my sister decided she wanted it. But after I made it I decided to make Ellie one too. Cassidy wanted a Auntie/Niece picture in their matching hats. 

 I also asked Cass to take some pictures of us in the snow.

A few extra pictures from the end of the month. Ellie in her Frozen getup; cape, crown, new sticker book from Great Grandma. 

Ellie licking the chocolate off the peanut butter blossom cookie with her after nap pushed forward pony tails.

Christmas 2014

I was super excited for Christmas this year because Ellie seemed to really grasp the idea. Well, at least the idea of presents. We were determined not to travel for Christmas this year because I really wanted to have Christmas in our home which we didn't have a chance to do yet. And I wanted to start creating our own traditions as well.

I was lucky enough to get our flocked tree from someone in my ward who bought a new one and at first I wasn't thrilled about the idea of fake snow but I loved it! I don't know if I could go back to a regular green one. But it sure was messy!!
My mom and sister were able to fly in Christmas day to spend Christmas and a few extra days with us. So in the morning Ellie opened gifts that Santa had brought. Her big gifts were a few Little People sets which she really enjoys. 

 Then before my mom and sister flew in I got out some of the presents my mom had delivered to us over Thanksgiving. So we opened the rest of all the gifts. 
My sister got Ellie some play-doh which she LOVES. She plays with it so much that I've already had to rebuy a set because it dries out so quick. Kind of a rip off. I swear they make it dry out fast on purpose?! 

 Ellie in her Christmas dress. 

Before my mom and sister made plans to fly out our friends all planned on getting together for Christmas dinner since we were all going to be in town. So we went ahead and stuck to that plan and brought my mom and sister along. 

Ellie's picture with Santa this year. I tired to prepare her and she seemed excited until she got up there. She didn't cry but definitely gave the cold shoulder and wouldn't even look toward the camera. She even still talks about it, 3 months later (post dated blog post), if she sees something that reminds her of Santa or sees this picture. "Mom! Santa. I sad." Cross our fingers that 2015 is better. 

Oh and it snowed the day before or 2 days before Christmas, I think, which it had all melted previous so it was a White Christmas. 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Moses Lake and Rainy Day Pictures

After traveling about, Linda ended up back with us for a little bit to work on some paperwork with James. Then we drove her to Moses Lake where she was going to spend Christmas with her dad. We spent a few days there just hanging out. 

This was the first time Ellie REFUSED to sleep in her pack and play. For two nights she just stayed up late with us after several attempts and ended up sleeping in our bed which she hasn't done since she was a newborn so I'm surprised she even did that. The last night we put her in the big bed right away and she was fine. So strange.

She liked this big doll that was in the bedroom.
Helping Grandma set up the Christmas tree.
Picture with Great-grandpa and Grandma

These were taken a few days after we got back. Ellie looks too cute in that jacket and hat so we took some pictures out in the sprinkles.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Turning 2

Ellie turning 2 has been so fun. She talks a lot and is learning new things every single days.
Thanks to Frozen and the snow that happened in November Ellie has started to really enjoy snowmen. One morning we were drawing on her magnadoodle and she asked me to draw a snowman. I drew the circles and she added the details when I'd say, "Draw the arms. Draw the hat," etc.
I hate when I take a good picture on my phone and not my camera but the one below is showing daddy how proud she was.
We had a mini session with the photographer who did our spring pictures but since we were out and ready I brought my tripod and took some picture of us and of Ellie for a few 2 year old pictures. It got cold fast that night so taking pictures required sucker bribery.  

A friend of mine had a tradition of making pancakes in the number of how old her kids are turning. I liked the idea so I decided to try and keep that tradition too. Here is Ellie with her #2 pancake.
Before her Birthday party that night we let her open presents from Grandma, Grandpa/Pam, Aunt Cassidy and James and I.

Her favorite was hands down the dog which she named Baby Jolie. But she asks to sleep with Elsa every night (along with Snow White which we have as a hand me down). And, 3 months later, she still plays with the Lego princess which she assumes is Elsa since it's blue. 

Her Birthday Party was much more low key this year. Just our closest friends and their kiddos. I debated what "theme" to go with for Ellie's B-day this year and I really wanted to put Christmas decorations up right away this year, probably because the early snow, but since Ellie had really been into Snowmen I felt like that theme was easy enough to go along with. 
We had Pumpkin Chili for dinner and Hot Chocolate and Snowman cupcakes for dessert.
 Ellie got a new baby doll, which she clearly was excited about. And my friend Andrea made her an awesome diaper bag with some diapers and wipes. Perfect for Ellie.

We played quite a few games of Heads Up.

Ellie was so excited for her cupcake and blowing out the candles and loved when we sang to her.

Well, another year in the books. Ellie has been, I feel, an easy baby and now 2 year old. She is pretty easy going and doesn't really cry or throw fits. She is quick to obey. She does however talk a lot and uses 3-4 word sentences. She wants someone to play with all the time. We are working on learning to play on her own but she is just a social only child who likes having attention.
She loves going to nursery at church. She has had a few rough days wanting to go in but usually that's when no one is in there yet or a substitute teacher is in there. But for the most part she marches right in. People always comment on how sweet she is and how petite she is (19.5lbs and 30in. tall). I've mentioned many times, but she has mostly moved on from Yo Gabba Gabba and into Frozen which I'm totally okay with, it's fun. She loves snacks and playing outside despite the colder temperatures. 
She loves getting dressed for church and likes to look pretty. She runs around the house with her Elsa cape (seen in previous post) singing Let it Go. She doesn't have all the words down yet, only the important parts. I'm trying to think of more so I don't forget how fun she was at this time but that's all I'm remembering right now.

It's crazy to me how much one little person can change, grow and learn in 2 years.