Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This is how the story goes...

Once upon a Sunday night James and Melissa were pleasantly watching TV on the couch. When all of a sudden...Melissa shrieked MOOOOOUUUSSSSSEE!!! Melissa saw a mouse run right behind the TV unit (the beautiful one she redid). James did some quick thinking and told Melissa to block one side and push it with a broom so he could catch the mouse in a box. Who knew mice could climb brooms? That mouse went right up the broom and up Melissa's arm. Melissa was so grossed out she did some crazy acrobatic move to escape the horror! Welp, that mouse was out from behind the TV unit.

James flipped over all the couches and was chasing the little rascal back and forth with the broom. That little guy/girl ran faster than Melissa's camera could take pictures. Yup that is right, Melissa was on top of the table holding Jolie and taking pictures of the madness below. James later commented on how he has seen in the movies the crazy lady get on top of the table to hide from a mouse, he couldn't believe it happened in real life, and his wife was the crazy woman. Jolie stood staring at her crazy parents trying to figure out what was going on. She was oblivious to the fact that there was a mouse in the house.

The mouse ran into the kitchen behind the oven, so James pulled the oven out and out runs the mouse. Then it goes behind the fridge. James pulls the fridge out and out runs the mouse and goes under the dishwasher! James takes off the lower piece of the dishwasher. After some waiting, the mouse runs back under the fridge and back under the dishwasher to start making its home. It was like a game of cat and mouse! Their house was a mess.
James had rat traps from a school project so he set those up in hopes to have a little mouse in the morning. Sunday night, no mouse. Monday night, no mouse, Tuesday night, no mouse. Now this little mouse must have been pretty smart. Every morning the cheese was gone, but there was no mouse. He/she would wait for it to dry up so he/she could just grab it off the trap. Come Wednesday morning James set up one last trap under the dishwasher with peanut butter and he was off to school. Melissa was sitting on the couch writing her grocery list and SNAP! She ran so fast with thrill to the kitchen, bent down, and saw a little bitty mouse struggling for its life. She was sad for the little mouse, but glad she could put her house back together.

The End.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Crochet plus FREE

On Mondays there is an hour and a half break between two of my classes. It is torturous. So I requested that my friend Cindy (who is also in the same classes) teach me how to crochet, and she obliged. I seemed to have picked it up pretty fast and made some cute borders on these receiving blankets for my friend Allison whose baby (or babies-we'll find out soon) is/are due in September.

I took Allison her blankets last night and on my way out of her complex I saw a headboard and footboard by the dumpster. I thought heck lets take it. James threw it in the back of the car. Well I guess he didn't throw it back there. Any how. Not sure if I like it. Not sure if I'll keep it. Maybe I'll sell it.
I am always so jealous of bloggers who find amazing things by the dumpster and turn them into wonderful creations for their home. Maybe I should make something out of it. hmmm...

Stay tuned for more posts, coming soon.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bisbee (picture overload)

For spring break James, Cassidy (my sister), and I went to historic Bisbee. We heard it was an artsy town and we wanted to check it out. We spent one night there as well.
We were there for Saint Patrick's Day. I was too embarrassed to wear green, but James got in the spirit. We had lunch at this little place called Savery. There were a gazillion stairs in Bisbee. The ones on the far left are famous for some reason. We climbed so many stairs that my calves hurt for three days afterward.
James ran up the famous stairs. In 10 seconds.

I took a few pictures of the locals. We saw this woman later during the day smoking pot with some other people. Seems the laws are pretty lax in Bisbee.
This is where we stayed, the Shady Dell. It is a vintage trailer park that has been featured in many magazines. We stayed in the Spartenette. It was fun. Not sure if I could do it for more than one night though. But it was a fun experience.
This is what the inside of our trailer looked like. We had a toilet and sink which was nice. The community bathroom wasn't too far away, but I didn't want to have to leave the trailer every time I had to pee.
James and I shared a twin bed (we're used to it) and Cassidy got her own. Some of the trailers allow for three guests if it is equipped with a couch, but the shag-a-delic couch in our trailer wasn't too suitable for sleeping.
I actually never went to the community bathroom. My sister washed my hair in the kitchen sink. There is a timer you have to set to make the water warm, but my sister thought it would be funny to have ice cold water run down my head. Hardy har har.

We couldn't get into the Copper Queen Mine the first day so we made reservations for the second day. Kinda expensive, but everyone said we should do it, so we did what everyone said.
Bisbee again? Maybe. It was good to spend time with my sister and husband, but there was not too much to do.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


My mom took me to an Andy Warhol exhibit when I was young and that is where I learned what a strange and interesting man he was. Since then I have always been drawn to him; his social awkwardness as well as his art. This past weekend, a gallery downtown was putting on an exhibit containing photos of Andy Warhol taken by other photographers. I loved it, as I expected. I felt as if I were getting a sneak peek into his life, which is sorta my style!
This was one of my favorite prints
This is the Main Gallery. It was really neat inside! exposed ceilings, wooden planked floors, brick walls, metal doors

Afterwords James and I walked around downtown. We love it downtown. Downtown is just weird, to say the least, but we love it. A ghetto kind of love.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Camera

So...for my birthday James let me buy a new camera! Well, he knew about it and there were no objections so I went for it. I got the Canon 50D. I found it on craigslist and my friend Tania went with me to make sure the camera was in good shape.
When we went to Mesa this past weekend my sister, Cassidy, and her boyfriend, David, wanted me to take pictures of them.
I am still getting used to the camera but here are some pictures I took.

Monday, March 1, 2010


I had a great birthday! On the real day my friends Allison and Aaron took James and I out for dinner. The next day I spent with Tania. Then over the weekend Allison, Aaron, James, and I went to the Mesa Temple and then had dinner with my mom and sister that evening.

Tania painted this pear on the pitcher for me. So very cute. My sister gave me this book called "The BIG-A** BOOK OF CRAFTS." Perfect for my addiction. And yes I photoshopped the title.