Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mommy's Birthday

My Birthday wasn't too eventful this year. I wasn't feeling the greatest so I didn't want James to plan anything big. We planned on meeting James at work for lunch but while I while getting ready Ellie came in and told me about her foot being dirty. I looked and it looked like grease so I thought maybe she stuck her foot near or by something but then she goes "come mom, come, I show you." So I followed her into the family room and gasped!!!! There was something black all over my rug. I have pictures but it does not do it justice. It was a very large spot.
I first used a paper towel and tried to soak up as much black at possible and then tried using my best carpet cleaner and that didn't do much. I poured water over it to dilute it and that helped a little. Then I got dawn and vinegar mix and scrubbed it. The dawn made sooo many suds though so then I was working on getting the soap out but the stain did eventually go away. Ellie was so concerned. I wasn't freaking out but she knew it wasn't good. She wanted to help pour and dry. She's so sweet.
But it came from these kiddy lawn chairs we have outside. She had brought them in that morning and I don't know if it's mud or some sort of rust or what and I have no idea how it would have gotten wet inside but the wetness was poured out when she tipped the chair to move it around.

Soo after that clean up we made lunch and headed to James' work. We ate with him and he gave me my gift which was a purse I saw while window shopping one weekend. Then we headed to Anthropologie so I could use my Birthday coupon. After walking around 20 times and worrying about Ellie breaking something I finally decided on a candle that is like the signature Anthro smell.  I have to say, that is the best candle I have ever purchased. It smells so good and makes the entire house smell good. I highly recommend it.

I did not feel like cake for my Birthday but I was craving Apple Crisp so we made "Apple Cake," according to Ellie. We also didn't plan the candles well (After all, it's my b-day I should have to plan. Right? Ha) so we made a 6 using one of the 3 from James' B-day.
It was super late because the crisp took so long so we were trying to hurry so I could get some pictures with Ellie too. I blew out the candles and everything and then I realized no one sang to me! Hahaha! SO we did it again.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Miscellaneous and Valentine's Day

As mentioned in the previous post, Ellie LOVES getting up on the chair and watching and/or helping me cook or bake. She is very careful and doesn't touch stuff when I ask her too but she also loves to "try it." I asked James to take these pictures so I could remember this cute little time.

And that outfit! Seriously kills me. She is just barely starting to ask for certain clothes and she saw this skirt hanging in the closet and wanted to wear it. I don't mind if it's around the house but in public...she wears what I say, while I have a say that is.
She enjoys helping me with the dryer whether that's putting the clothes in or taking them out.

The day before Valentine's Day I decided I should try and be a fun mom and make some sugar cookies. I've never made them before and looked at tons of different recipes and made sure we had the ingredients on hand. The recipe I used the dough was super dry to work with, I could hardly roll it but then they turned out great so that was good.
When I set the dough on the table to roll out Ellie said, "Play-doh?" Yes but no. Haha once she realized they were cookies and she could eat this dough, she couldn't stop! We use cookie cutters with her play-doh a lot but since this dough was dry it was kind of frustrating letting her help too much because the cut out would break easily if she tried to lift it on the plan. In the end it all worked out. She got to frost, decorate and eat them!

On Valentine's morning James made breakfast with Ellie and when I came out there were some goodies on the table already so I added the ones I got to it.
I got this Frozen story set for Ellie a long time ago but never gave it to her so Valentine's Day seemed like a perfect day for it. She literally played with it all day and that's not an exaggeration! She still loves it and plays with it at least once a day, at least!
I got a lotion I asked for and James got the same chocolates I get every year, it's tradition.

I wanted to get a family picture so I set up the tripod out back and ran back and for a few times...
 ...Ellie clearly liked the idea because James caught her doing this.
Super cute!!!!!!

Again with that skirt. And notice the gloves. Those are Elsa gloves. And the shoes. It's not cold she just loves them and they're easy for her to put on. She carries them over the wall or door and braces herself against the wall or door and sticks her foot in them and pushes down. I have since had to put the boots up so she stops choosing those ones. The outfit of choice was picture worthy!

Ellie loves to play outside. She always wants to go outside and wants me to play with her. She also loves to swing aka "spin." Something I wanted to remember so I also took some pictures. After I wind the swing up I say, "Ready, set..." she used to say "go" but I was joking around once and said "Baby GoGo" which is a character from Yo Gabba Gabba so now she says Baby GoGo or some other random goofy thing before I let the spinning unwind. She thinks she's hysterical.