Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Birth of Everett

Starting at 3am on Wednesday and continuing all day, Tania had contractions.
She went to the hospital that night around 8pm
to get checked out since the contractions were
pretty close together.

She was sent home and told to come back if anything changed.
On Thursday morning she called me and said "I need you to come over."
I was there in 10 min.
Record time.

I assessed the situation with all my experience (not) and decided yup it is time.

Lashley walked in the door soon after me.
James watched Sadie while the rest of us went to the hospital.
She checked into Triage and she had in fact dilated more than the night before. She was 38 weeks and 3 days at this point. Her dr thought, well if she changes after walking around for an hour we'll go ahead and have a baby.

We did walk around for an hour
and there was change. Yippee!
Tania was admitted into Labor and Delivery around 12pm
and the baby was here at
He was 6 pounds 6 oz.he has tons of blonde hairEverett got a bath.

Tania has been preparing Sadie to have a baby brother
and I couldn't wait to see her reaction.

I love this picture with the 3 guys staring at the baby.

Baby brother got Sadie a present and she gave baby brother a present too.

She was so excited to get her new baby and a new Tangled blanket.

After two nights in the hospital it was time to go home!

Tania is now home.
Happy. Feeling great.
And baby is doing great too!


  1. These photos are beautiful. My Dad's name is Everett, so I am partial to the name :)