Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kristen's School Shower

My closest friend from work, Kristen, is getting married!
The 2nd grade teachers and I threw her a shower.
We decided on 1950s theme (Good Housewife) and it turned out so cute.

We all made different contributions.
I put together the Recipe Binder (see it on the chair). People from work wrote down a recipe and I compiled them into the binder. I also made the water bottle labels, which I love!

Another teacher put together the Bundt Cake cards, the advice cards and the Price is Right game.
We also played a game where two teachers raced to see who was the fastest Housewife. They had to vacuum a carpet square, wash some dishes, and fold some laundry. It was pretty funny.

I thought it came together so nicely so I wanted to blog about it.

Kristen-you are amazing! I wish you a happy marriage and life. Thanks for being my friend.


  1. Very cute shower and great pictures.

  2. I have to add another comment because right now the link to see comments says "1 perfect comments" and thats bugging me. Everything looks so cute! You guys did great!