Thursday, January 31, 2013

6 and 8 weeks

It's so cliche to say Ellie is growing so quickly. But it's true. And it's sad! I was sad when she was officially 24 hours old. I love having a tiny baby and I do wish it would stay that way forever. However, as she grows and meets her milestones I find joy in that too. It has been fun watching her change and do new things (like tracking me with her eyes). Cute right? 

Here she is at 6 weeks

 Here she is at 8 weeks 

She isn't really smiling responsively yet. But she does smile randomly more and with maybe a little of mommy's baby voice and chin tickling I can coax a smile which I quickly try to capture on camera. 

She is also cooing a lot and talking to herself which is adorable! I keep trying to catch that on video secretly, but she always stops as soon as I turn it on. 

I totally have new mom syndrome and I LOVE IT! 

She had her 8 week appointment today and she now weighs 9lbs 14oz and is 21in. long. The doctor said she is petite but growing fast. With that 2 month appointment came her first set of shots. I'm not one to really worry about getting the shots and having the baby cry. But when I was holding her down on the table and hearing her scream and tears welling up in her eyes, I couldn't help but get tears in my eyes as well. It was the saddest thing ever. My poor little baby. She did pretty well for the rest of the day, but then began to scream a lot and couldn't get comfortable so I gave her some Tylenol and she slept for a long time after that. But getting to cuddle and comfort my baby all day has been wonderful. 


  1. A doctor did research and found that vibration and cold make the area go numb so kids can feel needles. (Well, not just kids.) Anyway, that might be something to try for the next round of shots. She created a product called "Buzzy". It's a vibrating bumblebee with an icepack.

    Hopefully the idea could save you both a few tears down the line.

  2. That first 8 week picture is DARLING. She's just getting cuter and cuter, I swear.