Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ellie's Blessing

Ellie is 2 months old now and I wanted to get her baby blessing done before she was too old.
However, since we are living in Idaho now we knew we wouldn't be able to get a lot of family here for the blessing which I was sad about. James and I picked a date and James' mom and dad were going to fly up to be here for it, and that was it. But, after James' Grandma died we had to change those plane tickets because his dad wouldn't be able to miss work for the funeral and then the blessing. But because all the family was gathering in Washington we decided to do Ellie's blessing there on Saturday. We figured it would just be James' immediate family, as we didn't want to bother everyone else and there plans, but to my surprise 35 people showed up and piled around the living room of a family friend's house. Talk about a blessing. I was so sad in the beginning to not have anyone there but prayers were answered and 35 people we able to enjoy the blessing of Ellie.
Thank you everyone!

 Ellie looked like an angel. She slept the entire time too. She has such a calm spirit!

The men who stood in the circle: 2 brothers, 3 uncles, 1 cousin, dad, grandpa, and of course James.


  1. She does look like a little angel!

  2. She's beautiful.

    And how nice that you were able to share with more family than you anticipated! That's why we had Josiah blessed in Phoenix a few years ago - my sister was graduating from high school, and my grandmother was in town, etc. It's always nice to share those special moments with people you love.

  3. wow, I can REALLY see James in her suddenly! She's such a doll. And I NEED your skirt Melissa! Where did you find that beautiful thing?

  4. She is so sweet! I love reading your blog. And I love love love that my childhood friend is now a member of the Church and gets to enjoy the blessings of the Gospel! Such a wonderful thing :). You have a such a beautiful little family.