Sunday, May 5, 2013

more 4 months

I cried when Ellie turned a day old. I didn't (and still don't) want her to grow up. When she started to be awake more during the day life became different. I had to entertain my baby and not just hold and stare at her. I loved Ellie as a newborn and at 1 month old, calm and beautiful. I loved Ellie when she was 2 months old, so sweet and cuddly. I loved Ellie at 3 months old, so fun. I LOVE Ellie at 4 months old, quite the character. She really is the greatest Joy in my life and while I don't want her growing up, it's true what people say, each stage brings new and exciting things.

Here are just a few pictures of Ellie the past month. 
I tried doing this picture with another baby who wouldn't cooperate but I knew it would look so cute so I stripped Ellie down and stuck her in there. Some of my favorite pictures to date. 

4 month shots. She had 2 fussy days following these shots. 

Real Life. (same day as shots-didn't want to be put down). But she often helps me in the kitchen until I realize I need two hands.

Finally able to grab those toes

Observing daddy doing the dishes. This was all James' idea to put her in the carrier. I thought it was cute.

 Trying to take a quick picture before she may or may not have fallen over. (bad momma)

 Black and white Focus Book App. She is kind of old for it now, but it still interests her.

This happens often and it cracks me up every time!

Ugly bird toy from her play mat that she just loves for some odd reason. 

I decided to give her a little break from her car seat and carrier her around Target. She was in HEAVEN. And because she is in the grab everything within reach stage she was even holding onto the cart. I tried to get a picture, but she'd always let go. (This also sort of captures one of her new facial expressions she is constantly practicing. It's almost like she is trying not to smile.)

Little stinker does not like naps in her crib. She scoots all over the place and plays. I usually resort to the swing so she can get some sleep.

*Ellie is also talking up a storm lately. She sure does have a lot to say. The other day while shopping she was  VERY loud and just making all sorts of happy noises. People were stopping, staring and smiling at her cuteness.
*She is getting the deep belly laugh down which is a lot of fun.
*She'll smile at anyone who talks to her. It sure makes people's day. (They've told me).

Bring on 5 months!


  1. Love the real-life photos, even though the staged ones are gorgeous! She is just precious, and you're such a cute mom! Oh, and those rolls!

    And 4-months?! My favorite "little" baby stage.

  2. she's such a little doll, i love it! baby carrying doing anything is the bomb. her little face in the picture where she may or may not have fallen over, i just want to kiss that face!

    and question for ya, what do you use to get your light so even on those staged pictures at the top, they're so pretty!

    1. kimber- i use daylight light bulbs in those floor lamps where you can adjust the arms. it's not fool proof but it works. it's also facing some natural light.