Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Belated April Fools

When my sister was in town after Ellie was born she told me I should wrap a rubber band around the sink sprayer for April Fools. But, April Fools came and went and I never got around to it. Later, our sink faucet started to spray a small stream of water when it was on and it drove me nuts. I finally asked James to fix it and took that opportunity to pull the joke. This was in our rental home before we moved.

P.S. This was right before he left for his soccer game.


  1. Bahaha.....the anticipation was killing me! I couldn't contain my laughter!!!!
    I did this to my Dad one year after he was all ready for work. Soaked his shirt! Awesome, not-the-meanest, definitely a really funny prank!!!! Good job catching it on video. Don't know how you kept quiet. Haha

  2. i think that was super funny, i'm smiling really big over here. i'm glad he's laughing as much as you, so cute!