Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Pictures in the Snow and extras

I made this crochet hat for my mom but then my sister decided she wanted it. But after I made it I decided to make Ellie one too. Cassidy wanted a Auntie/Niece picture in their matching hats. 

 I also asked Cass to take some pictures of us in the snow.

A few extra pictures from the end of the month. Ellie in her Frozen getup; cape, crown, new sticker book from Great Grandma. 

Ellie licking the chocolate off the peanut butter blossom cookie with her after nap pushed forward pony tails.


  1. Beautiful pictures in the snow! I love the one of Ellie's tongue out, haha.

  2. Those snow pictures are to die for. I'm sure you and your family will cherish those images forever! :)