Sunday, August 31, 2014


Man, going through pictures I realized the month of August was all about visitors. Which I love.
Shortly after we left Oklahoma, Thomas and his girls drove up to Washington where we relocated some stuff. Along the way Linda caught a ride and they stopped at our house before continuing their trek. Having Grandma here is always fun. Ellie loves the attention (it's so crazy to look back at these and see how little Ellie was and it wasn't even that long ago!)

James' dad was buried in Rexburg so we had a memorial for him here too. We drove over with Linda that morning and that evening James, Ellie and I drove back. I'm surprised we made it there and back in one day, go us!

The memorial was great. All of the Idaho and some Washington/Utah family was there and it was just great hearing more stories of what a great man Rick was.
Below is James' Grandpa, his dad's dad.  
Me, Gina, Linda, Aunt Cathie and Ellie 

Also in August my friend Tania drove from New Mexico to Utah for a baby shower and thought, "Well, if I'm in Utah, I might as well should just drive to Idaho." So alone, with 3 kids, and 12 weeks pregnant she came to visit. She's wonder woman. I could never do that. I get so zoned and tired even on the shortest car trips.
Ellie, Jane and Everett sitting on the itty bitty step of the door.

Ellie (20 months) Jane (18 months)

Skyping with my sister Cassidy

Group photo- they're all so dang gorgeous it kills me. 

I think it was either the same day or day after Tania left that my mom flew in for a visit. While she was here went to this "Petting Zoo" called Babby Farms, which was fun. It was hot and if Ellie was a little older it may have been better but I enjoy seeing the different animals up close like that. 
The time when Ellie's hair was long enough for one pony. Haha.

Ellie also grew to be tall enough to turn the handle on the door. Not enough strength to open it yet though.
 And she finally learned to climb the ladders on the play set in the backyard. Yay.

James and I did our own photos one weekend. Wanted to get them done while it was still really green outside.
 Ellie's cute little scrapped up knees. 

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  1. So many good pictures in this post, wow! I love them ALL. But that one of Ellie squatting, omg...I die. I love her!!!