Friday, October 31, 2014


October was all about Halloween. 
When we picked out pumpkins I explained to Ellie we needed a mama pumpkin, dada pumpkin and baby pumpkin. Ellie was really into the baby pumpkin and would try to carry it around saying, "It's the baby." 
I took the opportunity to get some detail picture of Ellie. She was 22 months. Her hair really started growing in after we got back from Oklahoma in July. It really thickened up and grew long enough to have wings. It was also starting to get a lot of wave.

We carved pumpkins for FHE one night while watching Frozen. Ellie finally broke away from Yo Gabba Gabba and I got her into Frozen. We did a Frozen theme. Believe it or not, this is the first pumpkin I carved by myself. I was always intimidated by carving anything other than a jack-o-lantern but it was really a lot easier than I expected. 
I carved Anna. James did Kristoff and Olaf. Ellie thought it was gross but she loved the final outcome and wanted to go see them everyday until we had to throw them out. 

My friend Tania wanted her daughter to be a Chick this year and suggested I do the same. I looked it up on Pinterest and thought it was adorable and it took the guess work out of what she'd be so I went ahead and made her costume.
I got a white long sleeved onesie and sewed 2 white boas around it. This was actually kinda hard because the tension had to be just right or the thread would snap so I sewed and knotted one stitch at a time. Actually, there were 2 onesies. In-between the two was filling to puff her out a bit. The leggings I found as a second hand store that went with a duck costume. The hat I made with an old onesie. The Hannah Anderson brand pilot hats were too expensive so I searched for a pattern and made one myself along with the red comb on top. Ellie never complained once wearing it. Yay!!

Our ward had a Fall Dinner/Truck or Treat party that we went to.
James and I were obviously farmers. Haha.

There was a little kid game where the could win a stuffed animal. I saw that Rooster sitting there so I grabbed it for Ellie after she won. 

First time Trunk or Treating. We had to encourage her at each car but it sure prepared her for Halloween and going door to door.

A better pictures of us all dressed up on Halloween Day.
We went Trick or Treating with one of our friends. Ellie loved knocking and helped herself into some of the homes. It was cute. A lot of people commented on loving her costume and a few ladies asked to take pictures. Makes me feel good when strangers appreciate my hard work. 
Daddy let her have a big sucker while walking were walking and she got some pink drool got on her feathers so when we got home I took the boas off so she could use them for dress up when she gets a little older.

A few pics from my cell phone.
Throwing leaves.
Playing the piano singing a mash up of "Let it Go" and "ABCs."

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  1. You did such a great job on her costume, she looked ADORABLE!