Monday, July 20, 2009


I am a blog stalker. I can't help it, it is so much fun! There have been two blogs that have inspired me to start redoing projects. The first one is Older and Wisor and the second one is Thrifty Decor Chick they both have fun ideas and tips to help along the way.

I was thrifting with my friend Emily the other day and ran into this coat hanger. I kicked myself for not taking a before picture (that is an important rule in redo projects) but it was a dark stained wood before, nice, but needed a "redo."

I got some great advice from a number of other blogs about using liquid deglosser/sander.

This stuff is way inexpensive and works really well. [Side story: the girls at Lowes said they had never heard of liquid sander so they decided together they didn't have it. I was a little annoyed and was like "Umm I am quite sure you have it!" Well guess what they did! Thanks to the most helpful young man I have ever encountered at a home improvement store. Lesson learned-be aggressive when you know you're right!] Not sure how it works, but it seems to add a layer of whatever it is to the item which creates a paintable surface.

Since this is my first "redo" I was running into some spray painting issues. Some areas were more glossy than others, some had paint splatters from holding the can sideways and I was getting frustrated. Frustration=no fun! So I decided to sand it by hand in the areas I didn't like well this showed scratches and repainting it didn't help (very frustrating). So I tried to put a little deglosser on it again and painted it a little heavier. It was good enough. Here is how it turned out.

I am going to find some things and/or make some things to hang on it and put on the tiny shelf above.

My next project isn't really a redo, but something I think is really cute. I got the idea from Just A Girl.

I am going to try and make the paper behind it saying things I want it to say. We'll see how it turns out.


  1. Way cute ideas. I am so totally gonna check those sites out, go thrift shopping, and then turn the stuff I buy into stuff that is perfect for our house. Thanks, friend.

  2. I love the coat hanger! It look perfect. Now I'm going to start a million projects, and probably never finish them.. haha. Great links though!