Monday, July 27, 2009

Funny Love Story

James and I have been planning for a number of weeks now our trip to Utah. We are really excited and I have been trying to get things ready like a madly organized wife. A few nights before we were supposed to leave I was getting everything together like our itinerary, printing out all the conformations for the rental car and hotel, printing maps, etc. Not to mention James decided we should visit the Grand Canyon so I had to figure all that out too! Needless to say I was stressed! The day before we left (Friday) I planned on getting all the laundry done and going to the store to get all the snacks for the car trip. Also, James was planning a nice dinner for us

Well Friday morning comes around and James calls me and wakes me up. He was like "babe, are we planning on leaving tomorrow?" I of course said "yes" thinking duh we have been planning this for a number for weeks now. He then told me he just got off the phone with his dad and was asking him if he was leaving Saturday for Utah he said yes August 1st and James said you mean tomorrow and his dad is like no August 1st. James was like oh-my-gosh I have to call Melissa. So he calls me and informs me August 1st is another whole week away!!!!!!!!!!! We couldn't believe it we were laughing so hard. How does that even happen? I can't tell you how many times we looked at a calendar the night before trying to figure out the best deals we could get for the hotel and car rental. How did I not realize there was a week left in July?? Guess my laundry and shopping is put on hold for another week.

Since our two month aniversary is the 30th (only two days before the 1st) he thought it would be nice to make us dinner. However, I didn't know that was his plan I just thought he was making dinner to be nice. Well, he came home with red roses and said "happy anniversary" and it made me laugh so hard. We had our anniversary dinner a week early because it was already planned before we found out we have a calendar deficiency.

Here our some pictures from my husband's great dinner...


  1. hey melissa!!:) i am glad you found my blog cuz now i have yours!! haha. i love doing fun things on the computer! and yeah. actually it isn't heidi swapp's! although i love her stuff i don't have photoshop! its just a thing on my computer! someday when i have money ill get photoshop! haha. i love heidi's stuff though, so if you want to get it, i am sure its fab. i was nannying for her this summer and she is just so stinkin creative! haha. anyway its a ton of fun!!:) hope you are doing well!!

  2. Oh my i love the A-Z board!! I want that to be my next project. lets make them!!!! when you get back from Utah......

  3. I loved the story! hahaha! Makes me laugh every time I remember you telling me.
    And man oh man...that James of yours has got some skillz! lucky girl!