Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Date" night

James used to rollerblade a lot growing up and before school started he wanted to go to the skate park and get some exercise. I was so hesitant which turned into frustration because last time he took me there he did this crazy flip and all the little 12 year old boys were oooing and saying "you could have broke your neck man." So frankly I didn't trust James and his skating impulses. But we went and he promised me he wouldn't do anything crazy. I did get some pics though. Oh and after the fact James claimed this as our "date" sweet huh?

And here is darling Jolie. I'm trying to get her to drink out of the cute doggy fountain they had.

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  1. hey I love your blog! It's super cute, you're pictures are really great too. It looks like you guys are doing good... I'll miss our institute chats this semester!

    P.S. We loved Blue Bell ice cream too, too bad there isn't any on the east coast!