Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer Picture OVERLOAD

Let me start out by saying...we are addicted to Blue Bell Ice cream! Addicted I tell you. It was on sale at the grocery store the other day and I had a few coupons I printed off their website, because that's what I do, and so we got a week supply of Ice cream. Just kidding it's more than a week but it sure goes out fast.
If you haven't tried
Blue Bell Ice cream
you're missing out!

James and I took a week and spent some time in Utah for a number of reasons...
1) Becky and Peter (his brother) got sealed to their family
2) Richard (his brother) was going to the MTC for his mission to Virginia
3) Pierson (nephew) was turning two
4) Visit Dawna and Nik
5) Go to Temple Square
5) Do some shopping!

James and I did almost every tour at Temple Square. One of my favorites was the Beehive house. It was a lot of fun. I love going through old things like that, plus I learned a lot, and I love hearing other people's questions! One of the kids rooms below is where the sister missionaries explained where the phrase "sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite" came from. Because they would have to tighten their bed ropes before going to bed so they wouldn't fall through. One girl on our tour heard only some of this explanation and clarified by asking "what they roped themselves to the bed?" James and I had a polite laugh about that.
This was in the kitchen of the Beehive house...LOVE the sink!! I want it.
This was the step Brigham Young used to get into the horse carriages.
Brigham Young used to sit in this area to think...the wall's surrounding are all original.
Okay The Lion House Rolls are truly amazing. I found the recipe online and CANNOT wait to make them!
This next picture is from the top of the Joseph Smith Building. James and I had lunch at the Garden Restaurant which was so lovely and delicious. And they had FRIED PICKLES. Loved them! When I'm pregnant I think I'll crave fried pickles and blue bell ice cream...for sure!

James and his brother Richard playing on the dinosaur at the gas station.
This is little Nathan. He turned two. And his mommy and daddy had a little party for him at the park. It was a lot of fun and great to get together with the family.
Love the red lips.This is Pierson. He was glad to "get" all these new toys too!

Richard and Grandma! Pierson loves playing with and going for rides on Grandma's walker.
This is the beautiful and newly sealed family coming out of the Salt Lake Temple. It was such a blessing that we were able to be there for their sealing. It was such a beautiful thing to see! We love them and are so proud of them! After we left Salt Lake/Layton area we spent the day and night in Provo where we visited Dawna and Nik (the newlyweds married just a week after us.) They took us to a Brazilian restaurant called Tucanos. It was very yummy. But my heavens was I full after!!
Next stop was the Grand Canyon. James and I both have never been there and so we made plans to stop by on our way home. We got there about 2pm and spent the rest of the day there. I didn't expect much but we were both pleasantly surprised. We found this next image a little funny. Can you guess why?
I was having a small heart-attack with James that close to the edge. And seeing him later dangle his feet off! So many people die each year at the Grand Canyon, but he said there wasn't a drop off. Fewf.
After leaving one of the view points this "MOOSE" walked right in front of our car. And we coudn't get our camera on fast enough! But everyone stopped to take pictures. Ha such city people. And to prove that point...It was an "ELK," my mom informed us later. Haha. A MOOSE. please. We are such city people apparently.
This was us getting ready for the sun to set. What an attraction. It was very pretty. I don't think I have really ever sat and watched the sun go down. It was cool.

This was the other side of the view point before the moon rose.
Our trip was a lot of fun. And I loved spending time with James and seeing our family and friends. We are so blessed to be surrounded by so much love.

Thanks for reading ALL this!


  1. That looks like it was a lot of fun. David and I were sad that we couldn't make it out there.

    BUT! We are going are going to have a Richard nearby shortly. Which is awesome.

  2. Cute blog!! We can be blog buddies.

    Looks like you two are already having tons of fun :)

    check mine out

  3. looks like fun!!!!! good job on all the pictures!! come over this week.

  4. You look like you have had an amazing start to your married life together! Saw your 'Mormon'comment on Emily Falconbridge's blog and thought you might like another Mormon contact - me! Pop over to our blog anytime! Wendy xx

  5. This was a cool blog. I loved all the pictures. I especially like the one where you are at the grand canyon and by your self and doing the peace sign. haha. So cute!
    I'm glad you came to visit us...and even though you were plum full...we had fun!

  6. Melissa, reading your comments accompanying your photos helps me to get to know you a little bit. I like your humor :) I wished I could have come to your wedding, but at least Grandpa and Randy got there. All the best to you and James with your schooling.