Friday, January 8, 2010

3 of {x} Believe

I wanted to make a cute little scrapbook of James and I's first married Christmas together to put on display during the Christmas season. I picked up a chipboard book with the word BELIEVE already cut out. I picked out the correct number of x-mas papers and got some cute ribbon and buttons to add a little "chunky" onto it.

I wanted a 70's look. I don't know why, but I did. I edited each photo to have that 70's tint to it and printed it on regular printer paper. Then I mod podged it on. I saw ornaments made in the same way and it turned out way cute, but of course mine wasn't. The paper was too thin or the ink too thick or the glue too sticky or something. After it was all said and done it looked fine and it turned out like I wanted it too, but it was not THAT easy like I expected.


  1. Wow!!! Good job! That is so cute! I love that idea!

  2. James and Melissa,

    Thanx for stopping by our blog and leaving a comment!!! It was so fun to look through yours and to see what you've been up to! Wish we could have seen you when you were in Utah this past fall. Oh well! Next time...

    Glad things are going well. Keep in touch!

    Love, Mark and Angee :)

  3. where do you come up with this stuff?!?! So cute!