Wednesday, January 6, 2010

OnE of {X}

I have not posted in quite some time and now the things I need to blog about have piled up. I am starting with the event that took place last first because...well just because. I hope you enjoy this 'event' as much as I did.

James and I started dating in September of 2007 and from then until now, January 2010, a lot has changed regarding his....HAIR! See for yourself.

September 2007-He felt like he was starting to get a receding hair line so he tried to compensate by growing a little "puff" on the top. Interesting.

December 2007- I suggested growing his curly/wavy/frizzy hair out which didn't look bad by any means, just wasn't perfect.

July 2008-We started buzzing his hair, but I'm not sure when that started. All I know as it began getting shorter and shorter with time.

February 2009-This was his hair for our engagement pictures. Buzzed and still short.

January 2010-This is James a few days ago working on the next thing I will be blogging about. Anyhow, he was looking at these pictures and freaked saying "babe I'm balding. i'm shaving it." For once I replied "okay." (notice I put 2009 not 2010.that will take getting used to.)

So I grabbed my camera and the fun began. He went outside to shave his head (which is my new rule since wiping up tiny, miniature hairs off the bathroom floor isn't easy or fun) and he came in with his belly out saying "woman where is my beer." Me and my friend Emily were laughing so hard! {just to reassure those who are worried...James does NOT talk to me like that!!!!!} Then he proceeded to shave his head with his razor. Oh and his beard too. Unfortunately, the after picture is three days later so it is growing in already but he did look like Vin Disel.minus the man boobs.

Stay tuned for more posts to come!


  1. OH my gosh!! I totally thought that was him at first!!! Haha. I was like... whoa, he looks so different, then I scrolled down and saw the boobies. I'm sitting here with Jacob and when I scrolled down the first picture, he said "Da da!" I was like um... no. Funny! They don't really look that much alike?!

  2. that is insane. he does look very similar to vin deisel(sp?). so he is now bald bald??