Saturday, August 7, 2010

7.7-evening of day 8

Our last full day in Moses Lake was sadly coming to an end. That afternoon some of us took Grandma out to lunch.
James and I went to the cemetery to see the graves/headstones of some of his relatives.
As we were heading up the road I saw some really cool looking crops.
We stopped to take pictures.
I took tons of pictures!
Mostly because I couldn't get the look I wanted.
However, I still love them.
We later found out they were onions *matured to go to seed*
I found that seed info on
here they are

It was also Gina's 17th Birthday.

I also wanted to include this picture of Grandma and Grandpas former
food storage
Pretty neat?!

A family tradition is to have a bonfire
bonfire we did.

These are shots from some marshmallow roasting attempts.
Attempt 1: Too hot-hide behind board
Attempt 2: bring fire out on a stick
Attempt 3: Start a small fire for perfect marshmallow roasting

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  1. Aw, Gina looks cute. I can't believe she's 17.