Monday, August 23, 2010

7.8 Portland

Oh my. It has been so long since I have blogged, it makes me cringe.
I am so far behind.
Good news, there will be a lot more of good stuff to come.

This was the last leg of our road trip. We stopped in Portland to visit my Aunt and cousin. Sweet baby Skye is getting so grown up. She was so fun to hang out with.
And of course, so was my aunt!
We went out for Japanese food (so yummy) then we to the Portland Rose Garden and walked around. Afterwords we drove around Portland a bit and went back to the house and play games. It was so great seeing them!
When we checked in our hotel, actually before we met up with my Aunt, we were greeted by some very friendly door service. I was impressed to say the least.
The next morning James and I spent some time shopping the "main" downtown part of Portland. We used the 'free' parking at the hospital down the street. I hate paying for parking. Such a joke to rent a piece of asphalt. Anyways. There were a lot of cute shops and buildings. I took more pictures, but nothing I was drooling over so this is what you get :)Oh. Before we were going to head back to California (which was on our way home) we ate at a little cafe.
REALLY yummy.

We tried to take a picture of ourselves with the self timer. hehe. Then some man who said he was a photographer offered to take our picture for us. I said, "Ha. What? We are doing it the easy way." He obviously didn't get my joke.
Did you get it?
Camera on bag=not REALLY the easy way.
He started to walk away and I was like I'm just kidding yeah can you take our picture.
I'll quickly finish by saying:
I loved every minute I got to spend with James. There is something so special about road trips. The unexpected {questionable motels and nights sleeping at the rest stops}
The time to think,
and stare at one another.

Us and the Yellow Banana
That concludes the road trip from July 2010

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  1. I agree, road trips are so much fun with the ones you love. Maybe not so much with children, hehe, but there are definitely fun and exciting moments. Are you guys going to make it to Sariah's baby blessing?