Thursday, January 20, 2011

Christmas 2010

It hasn't been a full month I don't think I am TOO far behind on this post.

I continued my banner tradition.
The one for December/Christmas says "Merry Christmas."
I always love how the banners turn out.
I'd like to have one up for every part of the year, but what would January be? I suppose February could be "Love" or "I Love You." But what about January? Although, I must admit the "Merry Christmas" banner stayed up for awhile this January so maybe I don't need one. But any ideas?

Last month I signed up at Real Deals to decoupage a star. When I got there I was so annoyed that the teacher didn't have as cute of papers as her example...but after a lot of errrs, ugggs, grunts, and puffs I think me and my helpers (Tania and Cassidy) came up with a decent product. Now, of course, I love it!
But you know how it is, you see something you love and you want one just like it. I also made one for my mom, but I don't have a picture of that one.
James spent quite a few weeks growing his beard out and we thought it would be fun to color it white and pull the whole Santa HO HO HO thing. Well....if you know James, he has the thickest, blackest, thickest, coarsest, thickest beard ever. We bought white hair color spray (like the kind the kids use for crazy hair day or Halloween) and we tried it out on a little patch of that thick beard and it seemed to work. But when it came time to actually use it it didn't seem to do anything! In fact, it dripped off that thick, coarse, black beard.
We didn't grow that beard out for nothin' (and yes..."we").
By the way, we were around the corner of his parents house trying to prepare for our grand entrance, HO HO HO.
So since the spray wasn't working we moved on to plan B, baby powder. We ran to the ghetto small town dollar store and I bought the most nastiest smelling baby powder (it was really gross) and we powdered the heck out of that beard!

Turned out pretty decent if I do say so myself.
My mother-in-law got a kick out of it. Pierson (one in the picture) was like "uhhh, haha?" And Nathan, who was standing on the couch behind Grandma was saying "that's funny, that's funny" in his adorable raspy little boy voice.

Well the kiddos didn't fall for it, but it was fun!


  1. LOL! His beard really was awesome, I was super confused when you guys first got there. And BTW, I love that picture of him. So amazing.

  2. Too funny. I LOVE all your projects. Do you sell any of them?

  3. Maybe for January you could do NEW YEAR! or something with that. idk. Just my suggestion.
    And way to go with that beard!

  4. Andrea, I don't know how to get a hold of you!!! Leave me an e-mail address or your blog again, or my e-mail is