Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter Cereal

Where have I been you ask? Well....

1) I finished my portfolio that probably took me over 100 hours to do

2) I attended a sealing and reception (2 different people...same day) in Mesa & had Easter Brunch

3) I finished student teaching 05.03.2011

4) We drove to Idaho and back in 3.5 days

5) I've been applying for jobs (I never knew I'd have to write 4-7 essays per application)

6) I've been scoring some coupon deals

7) My graduation is in a week

amongst other things...

On Wednesday, April 27th we got the news that Grandma Phillips had passed away. James and I drove to Las Vegas early Friday morning. His parents met us there and then we all drove together the rest of the way to Idaho (stopping to sleep in Utah). It was a long trip, but well worth it. The funeral service made me cry, Grandma Phillips was such an amazing person and I am so thankful I had the opportunity to meet her a few times. However, being with family and meeting so many new family members made me smile and because of that it was a great FAST trip. We also inherited an heirloom which we'll cherish.

Grandma Phillips and Richard. summer 2009

With the 1 hour of free time I had before Easter I made Peep Garland. I got the idea from MADE, but hers is better so don't look. The MADE lady sewed hers, but I didn't because it took forever just to cut the one side and sewing would have been quite the hair pulling process for me. I also gave a set of these to a friend to for her wedding present, I hope she liked them? (Hi Jessica)

Also, notice all the shadows and grain in the pictures? This is because it was late at night, I had the ISO up high and there was no natural light just direct lighting from the lamp. Just a little tip for you.

Lastly, I just got home from the grocery store and bought 4 boxes of Mom’s Best Naturals Cereal for free and 3 boxes of Frosted Flakes for $0.88 each. I have a rotation pile going so that when we want a new box you take the one on the shelf (not pictured) and I'll restock it later. I also stack my boxes every other or so that we get some variety. Floor to top of stove of cereal.

and there you have it...Easter Cereal


  1. Ok, so CONGRATS on graduation!! That's so VERY exciting!! And Holy COW! The Peeps Bunting!! VERY cute! But VERY something I won't be doing for - probably EVER?? How did you have TIME to do all of those! SUPER cute! But I thought you just had them done on a Silhouette or something! THAT I could do! Adorable!

    Sorry to hear about Grandma Phillips! What a sweet experience you had! Love you tons!!


  2. Very cute post. I like that I'm number two :P