Thursday, May 26, 2011


Sadie turned three a few days ago and Tania had a birthday party for her
a princess birthdaySadie has NO DOUBT always been a girly girl.

While she loves all Disney princesses, Tania was sure to make sure this was a "classic" princess party.

Here is Sadie coming down the stairs for the first time and seeing ALL of us...she was a little overwhelmed at first but warmed up quickly.

Landon handing Sadie flowers

(marriage in the future?)

This is one of my favorite pictures...during prayer before lunch

Sadie: Adorable!

I can't get enough of these pictures below. 1) Scoop the water

2) "are you ready?"

3) snap picture and hide camera

Sadie received these lanterns from a friend earlier in the week and Tania thought it would be fun to do at the end of the night as it was just like the movie Tangled (so I hear)

Until next year...


  1. Looks like a fun party! I love her swim suit!

  2. Adorable! Now I feel all this pressure to make awesome stuff for Bekah's birthday! :P Not happening. Tania is just awesome.

  3. Cute pictures and fancy party.

  4. This so made my day!!! I totally want to throw myself a princess party and wear an adorable swimsuit and hire you as a photographer!... okay. maybe not.