Sunday, April 7, 2013

4 months old

Guess who turned 4 months old yesterday? Yes, already, Ellie is 4 months old. However, I feel like she has been with us much longer than that. We love watching Ellie grow and discover new things. She is so fun to play with and make smile and giggle. She has become so aware of things and we notice her studying things for longer lengths of time. We enjoy taking her on walks and out to run errands because when she's awake she tracks the different things she sees (you can just see her soaking in all the new information). Ellie still loves the water and baths are so enjoyable. She is now sleeping in her crib at night and can't stay awake past 9 or 9:30pm. She isn't quite sleeping straight through the night, but 6.5-8 hours stretches are pretty normal. Ellie also loves talking and my favorite thing is when she talks to herself in the mirror in the car. Melts my heart. She does a lot of heart melting around here, we just love her!

Studying those hands...

Sucking on her favorite toy...

We still can't tell what color her eyes are or are going to be. They are dark so they look sort of brown, but then some days they are green. I call them iridescent because they just sparkle and resemble mirrors.

Update: 4 month stats: 11lbs 10oz (9%), 23in. long (28%), head 15in (0%)


  1. What a doll. Not a surprise, with who her mama is. :)

  2. i think i see a few cute rolls appearing on those thighs!!! she's changed so much in 4 months, can you imagine what the next 4 will bring?!?