Wednesday, November 6, 2013

11 months

Alright. Every month I say how I'm sad that Ellie is growing up and is getting closer to not being a baby anymore. Well, not this month. Nope, I'm not sad at all. I'm actually distraught!!!! Just kidding. But really, it's breaking my heart that in these short 11 months she's gone from a baby who sleeps 22 hours at only a day old to a baby who is so much more human like (you know what I mean?).  Just blows my mind.

Anyways. Ellie is 11 months old today. She is so stinking smart. Learns new things everyday. She had one rough week of sleep the past month but still sleeps great. In fact,  I think the rough week of sleep was from a tooth, but it's so hard to tell with her as she really shows no other signs other than I can visibly see a tooth surfacing. She loves to play. She is really enjoying books more and more. Getting chased around the house is such great fun for her. Playing "Where's Ellie?" behind blankets and shower curtains brings her much laughter as well.

She is pretty sneaky about finding things on the floor, but when I catch her she either hands it to me like "Here mom I was getting this for you" or puts it in her mouth real quick. Makes me laugh every time. I let her move around the house as she wants, but I'm never far behind getting her out of a room or removing things from her hand. The other day she made it down the hall into the back bedroom where the smoke detector was on the ground (needed a battery) but she was touching it and I walked in and it startled her. She did that "quick hide it" move you do when you know you aren't supposed to be doing something. That must be an innate reaction because it's not like she learned that from anywhere.

 I'm loving her eyes a lot lately. 

 This is her "grinding teeth" smile. Lately she's been doing some silly smiles and one is with her teeth clenched or grinding a little. She's just playing with those silly things growing in her mouth.

 This is her contagious smile.

This is her screeching in excitement! She's loud too. 

With everything going on in her mouth, sticking her tongue out is something new too.
 Does it resemble anyone to you? 

Just kidding! 


  1. Her eyes are amazing color and the hiding is because we are all born with the spirit of Christ to know when we are doing right or wrong. That is so awesome, she is an innocent baby yet she knows when she is doing something you don't approve of already. They do learn so quickly. The tong, well every time Dad is concentrating on something he sticks his tong out while he is doing it so watch for that when she is trying to figure something out. She is beautiful and would make the perfect Gerber baby. Love you all. Mom

  2. Oh my gosh- LOVE her and your photos! I may have to steal the monthly pics on the chair idea someday. I absolutely love it! Her smile is breathtaking.