Friday, November 29, 2013

October Pics

I'm doing really well staying on top of posting monthly pictures. Not.
Here are some from October. 

I think I posted this book last month, but it's still a favorite. 

She loves sneaking to the front door to get our shoes. When I go to get her she likes to speed up even faster and hurries to stick the shoe in her mouth.

My attempt at a mommy-daughter selfie. I obviously couldn't get it to focus on us.

We had General Conference and our neighbor's daughter brought over a "Conference Crown" for Ellie.
So sweet. 

This is still one of her favorite things to do. Stand at the window and watch for Jolie.

This is also still a fun game to play. She likes to grab the straw and put it in my mouth for me. She has since learned to suck water out of a straw so now she lets me suck for .2 seconds before she puts it in her own mouth and then gives it back to me for a few more milliseconds and continues this back and forth. My favorite is when she pulls it from me while I'm sucking and she gets splashed with water.

Pulling diapers out is a fun game too. And I don't mind it one bit. It keeps her occupied for awhile since it takes some time for her to reach up to get them and it's easy to clean up.
These pictures crack me up. I was going through them with James and we were laughing so hard. I got a new flash to help with some of my indoor pictures since it gets pretty cold around these parts and the clouds limit the amount of natural light that comes inside. Anyways, I was playing around with the settings and Ellie was putting on a show-obviously!

This side by side, below, is a reenactment of an article I found. They used to drape fabric over the parent so the picture ended up being just a portrait of the kid(s). They parent had to be there to keep them still since the shutter speed was so slow it ensured a less blurry picture. Makes me laugh. Why not just take a family picture?

Lastly, Fall sure is pretty in October.

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  1. Wow... I love looking through your pictures, there are so many beautiful ones! I love seeing Ellie grow through the blog :)