Sunday, December 22, 2013

12 months

Ellie is 12 months old! She turned ONE 2 weeks ago and she has already gained more skills and learned new things. Thankfully, I write things down as I notice them during the month. I want to remember what she was able to do on her month b-day exactly. For instance, she was just learning how to stand 2 weeks ago but now, 2 weeks later, she's pretty good at it and has even attempted to take a step or two.

I was pretty sad a few days before her b-day. I was watching this show on Netflix where some babies were born and later when Ellie woke up in the middle of the night I went to go feed her and teared up thinking of the day she was born.

However, with each passing month, I do love her more and more and enjoy each stage. We love watching her discover and learn new things.

Ellie continues to be petite. At her 12 month apt she weighed 15lbs 12oz (0%) and was 26.25" (2%).

One-Twelve month Chair Pictures


Here are Ellie's 12 month pictures.
She beams personality so it's practically impossible to choose only a few photos.

This was the Bitty Baby I had when I was younger. My mom gave it to me recently and Ellie loves her. She also does this cuddling thing with stuffed animals and loves when we say "aww."

One short year later.

I had a Birthday Party for Ellie too. I'll post those pictures next week (hopefully).

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  1. so cute! she seems so giggly and smiley in these pictures, i love it. i imagine maxson just being a monster towering over her if those 2 ever met up, ha! happy ONE year!