Friday, April 25, 2014

H Family

My friend Lindsay, who is also my neighbor, wanted to get her family's pictures done this spring. I was lucky enough to be the chosen one to take them. We took them yesterday but we were definitely worried that yesterday wouldn't work. It rained all day Tuesday. Then no rain Wednesday but the forecast for Thursday was 100% rain. It rained that morning and then the clouds parted most the afternoon so we were happy that we would be able to get them done. And it was overcast which was also great because we could take them really at any time rather than waiting close to sunset which is so late during this time of year. Anyways, we started at 6 and were just finishing up around 7 when the thunder started rolling. As soon as we got into our cars and drove away, feeling successful and accomplished, DOWN POUR! We couldn't believe how lucky we got. And to top it off, they turned out great. But, how could they not with such a great looking family.

The boys earned their treat for being well behaved. We went and got some ice cream.


  1. You did an amazing job Melissa!! Thank you so much! We love them!��

  2. Gorgeous shots. You're so talented.

  3. I love these :) Those freckles!!!!!! What a cute family. You do such an amazing job!