Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Arizona trip in March

We're in May so it's only appropriate that I share pictures from our trip to Arizona last March.

Ellie and I took a trip to AZ in the beginning of March. Aunt Cassidy and Grandma were begging for a visit.
I bought Ellie a portable DVD player for this trip so she could watch Yo Gabba Gabba on the plane. She did so well both there and back. I thought for sure on the way back she would have fallen asleep because we had a late night flight. I could tell how tired she was but 11pm at night she was fighting sleep and still being a good little traveler. She crashed the second she got in the car though. James and I changed her diaper, put on her pajamas and laid her down without her ever waking up. 


Tania was able to work it out to come to the Phoenix area early so she could spend some time with us before she had to be in Phoenix anyways for something else. We thought it would be fun to check out the new park that everyone had been talking about. We went on a Saturday though so it was super crowded. But it was a fun little park. 
Our plan was to have lunch at the park, play a little and then drive to the Waffle truck which wasn't far from where we were going to be. Time got away quickly and it was a rush to get to the Waffle truck before they closed up for the day but we made it. The waffles were really good. They tasted to me like a croissant in waffle form. I'm glad Idaho doesn't have one because it would be too hard to resist.

It's so fun for me to watch Ellie and Jane interact. I hope they do become best friends. 2 months apart now seems like a lot when you compare baby stages but 2 months apart here in a few years, we won't even know the difference. Looking forward to that.

 Step Cousin Camden and Ellie had a park play date too. Ellie thought riding in tandem was awesome!

We also went and saw Great Grandma and Grandpa. I didn't get a picture with them though. Fail. You can see my Grandma a little in the top right of this picture. She was impressed with the new walkin' and talkin' Ellie.

Cassidy and I took Ellie to the Children's Museum and it was actually a lot of fun. It was also very crowded but still enjoyable. Ellie was still a little young for it, but there were a few things she enjoyed doing.
The pictures below are from the "baby" room where only kids her age were allowed. It was definitely more her speed and less chaotic. 

There were a few days where both my mom and sister had to work. One of those days I went and had a playdate with Dawna and her girls. We forgot to get a picture last time until the last minute so we made sure to get a side by side this time! They're too cute!
When I was getting Ellie out of the car when we got there I realized that Ellie was possibly wearing the same outfit as last time we saw them. Dawna noticed the same thing. Sure enough...(they are different sizes though!)

Cassidy had to work the last day Ellie and I were there and she didn't think she would be able to make it home in time to say bye. But she did! We miss her so much. 
Until next time...


  1. Your trip looks like it was a lot of fun. The food truck is painted beautifully. Ellie is so little and cute. I like the picture of you two at the museum. :)

  2. Oh dang, this trip looks awesome! I love the windy picture at the museum. Ellie is seriously precious!