Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The rest of March

Here are pictures to finish off March. Ellie was 15 months old
Mommy and daddy were vacuuming out our cars and the bed of the truck turned into a fun playground.

Our "family away from family" have dinner together every 3rd Sunday. St. Patrick's day fell on a Sunday so we had a rainbow/green themed dinner. I brought the fruit.
I was loving this outfit so it was picture day at the park.
Obsessed with balls is an understatement. Daddy wants her to be a soccer player. So far, I think our chances are good.
There was a high school Lacrosse game going on while we were at the park but afterwards Ellie wondered away roaming the grass. Then she found something and started walking towards us holding the item and brushing it against her head. I can't remember what we joked about what it could possibly be that she thought was a brush, but...
...she showed us this flower hairbow she found. She was trying to put it in her hair! Such a smarty!
She also had been obsessed with my keys for quite awhile and loved to push the red alarm button.
We had a play date with another little girl in our ward. Ellie and her are less than 2 weeks apart. So they'll be in nursery together starting Sunday! (eeks!)
Ellie has been getting really good at learning that we say prayer before bed. This particular night she was being so silly and not wanting to come into the room. I said, "Come here we need to say prayer." So she stood outside the door and folded her arms.  
Your typical messy eater pictures.
It took Ellie a few months to get big enough to ride the roller-coaster on her own, but now she's a pro. We just have to give her a little push.
 She is also tall enough to get on and off the zebra all by herself.

That was March.

p.s. It's hard to write past tense when some things are still relevant now so ignore the grammatically incorrect use of tenses. Thanks.

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  1. Love these. That little roller coaster is awesome, Felicity would love something like that.