Tuesday, June 17, 2014

18 months old

Before we start talking about Ellie, let me talk about myself. I have a problem. I can't delete pictures. I can't ever narrow them down. It's a real problem. When I go to take Ellie's "photoshoot" pictures I go crazy. She goes crazy actually. Which means they all turn out so cute and because of that I have to share them all with you. So Enjoy.

About Ellie: She's 18 months old. That feeling of, "I feel like it was just yesterday that she was born," is going away. She is developing into a fun and spunky toddler. She is growing up before our eyes. She is meeting all her milestones and beyond. We went to the doctor today and she couldn't be more impressed with Ellie's language and communication skills. I swear she starts speaking a new word everyday in addition to her signing. She is also forming short 2-3 word sentences.
She LOVES to be outside. She cries and whines when I tell her no (mainly because I'm not ready to go for a walk at 7am when I'm in my pajamas). She is starting to get restless legs too when we go shopping. She wants to walk "wa" around the stores and run free and explore. But ya, that doesn't happen. So more tears.
I have annual passes to the Aquarium and Zoo so we go there often which is nice. She looks forward to it when I tell her we're going. She also goes to Music time at the library once a week. She knows all the songs so well and we practice at home. But when at the library she sometimes gets shy and just stares at everyone else doing it rather than show off her skills. But she really does know most all the motions to the songs. It's impressive.
She is still passionate about Yo Gabba Gabba which is fun. She gets goofy about it now too and sings the songs around the house (her 2-3 word versions). She loves to play outside in our backyard where she can swing and go down the slide and pull at the flowers and herbs that are growing (Grrr...). She also says "weee" which is cute. I have also caught her a few times coming back inside to get some toys and bring them back out go to "weee" too. It's so fun to see her imagination blossom.

We'll see how long the tradition lasts but 1/2 Birthdays call for 1/2 Birthday Cakes. "yummy yummy"

Picture 1: "Mmmm"
Pictures 2: "hahaha" (I'm so funny for saying Mmmm).

18 months also means it's time to officially be on the roll for Nursery. Our Nursery is small so she's been welcomed in for the past few weeks. But she loves it! (Except for last Sunday when they brought her to me crying. Not sure what happened. But I got her to go back in and she was fine the rest of the time.)
 I wanted to get her picture out front real quick. You know. Big day and all. And very first picture, "BYE!!" I'm pretty sure that's some foreshadowing. Tear. Last picture is her funny run when she throws her arms back. 

The rest of these pictures are from her 18 month Photoshoot.
These are the Yo Gabba Gabba characters. She'll carry every single one of these around the house sometimes. She usually sleeps with one or two but some days she's adamant about figuring out a way to hold them all.
It's even better when she's holding them wearing the this hat...
I have no idea what brought this on, but she has that toy where you find the matching hole for the shaped pieces to go into, she takes one half of the sphere and puts it on her head like a hat. We call it her space hat. She literally walks about the house with it on her head. I'll be sad the day her head gets too big for it.

She heard a doggy so this is her signing dog and then pointing to it. She stomps her foot and slaps her leg. The real way to sign it is slap the leg and snap the fingers. But most babies modify signs.

Well, that's all for now. Sweet Ellie is 18 months old. Crazy to think about. Baby turned Toddler overnight. 
Stats from today:
Height 29inch. (0% tile)
Weight 18.4lbs (3% tile)


  1. How funny, Caleb had his 4 month check up today and he's less than five pounds behind her! She's a cutie :)

  2. shes so perfect!! love her personality!

  3. How cute are these pictures?! That YGG one kills me.