Saturday, January 31, 2015

James' Birthday

Happy Birthday to James!
His Birthday landed on a Saturday this year which is always nice. We went out to breakfast at a local restaurant and then we went out to a few store afterwards and he found himself a new pair of pants. Yay, because my present to him this year was lame. A shirt. Ha.
The day before Ellie and I made James a cake from scratch. German Chocolate. I big favorite around here. Ellie helped a lot. She LOVES helping in the kitchen now and scoots her chair over. She likes to crack the eggs-which is always a risk and she likes to pour in ingredients after I scoop them. And of course, likes to eat the batter off the spoons when we're done.
I hid the cake in the laundry room because I knew he wouldn't be going in there.
I did need something from the grocery store before dinner, but because it was his b-day I volunteered to go. James thought I made an excuse to go get a cake but nooo!!! He was very surprised to see I made a cake and was able to hide it.

Ever since her b-day, then Christmas, then James' b-day, Ellie has become well versed in presents and b-day cake. She was all about the cake and was very excited about dad's present. Funny story...we got him a shirt at Marshalls and I kept telling her that we were looking for a shirt for dad's b-day present. Well, afterwards we were driving home and I let Ellie talk to James on the phone and she says, "Present for Dad's Birthday" and James couldn't understand what she was saying so he kept inquiring and she kept repeating the same thing and all I could do was laugh. He never caught on though. But now whenever he wears that shirt she immediately remembers and says, "Present for Birthday!." She has an elephant brain like her mommy. She doesn't forget the little things.
Happy Birthday James! You are an amazing daddy and husband. We are lucky to have you. But, stop getting old! 

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  1. Aw, you're a good wife making him that awesome cake! I bet he loved it. Ellie is too sweet.