Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Overview

May came and went just as fast as April. This pregnancy is seriously flying by. I can't believe it.

23 weeks 2 days

24 weeks 3 days

I spent a lot of time searching for the perfect bed for Ellie's big girl room and I found one off of a Facebook yard sale page. We decide to strip the chipped white/glazed paint and just give it a fresh coat. Between me being pregnant and James' knee injury it took us WAY TOO LONG. But Ellie was so excited to be in a big girl bed. She did great. The first morning she came out on her own and woke us up. I was surprised. I thought for sure she'd stay in there and yell at us over the monitor that she was awake. Then after a few nights she tested what would happen if she got up after we put her down. She quickly learned that she just goes right back in there. So that pretty much has stopped. She also was caught playing for way too long during a nap and reading books. While it was adorable and melted my heart, she needs naps still so I had to correct that too. All those situations have been super minor though. I'm so grateful with how well she took to her new bed. She's a big girl now!!

One rainy afternoon she came to me and asked if she could play outside. I told her it was raining so she went and found a jacket and gloves and came to me and asked for an umbrella. Love! 

"Mom! Look! The number 8." Sure enough the bracelet was twisted like the number 8. 

 We had a dead tree in our backyard. I was sad to see it go. Out backyard was landscaped in a pattern along that back wall so now that pattern is all messed up. Ha. However, now I have a spot to put a gardening box if I ever decide to. Our backyard doesn't get good sun until the afternoon and even then the trees shade all open spaces that a garden box could possibly go. So we'll see. I'm getting used to the empty space now.

 Recently, Ellie has been coming up to me and calling me "Anna." She usually pairs it with a question, "Anna, what are you doing?" "Anna, want to play?" I play along and call her Elsa.
Here she is knocking on the door saying, "Anna!"
She cracks me up. Roll playing every second she gets.
p.s. that's her Coronation stick, she says.

 I've been taking my weekly maternity pictures before church on Sunday and on this particular Sunday she must have felt extra pretty because she asked to go outside and take pictures. 

 Then it was my turn. 26.3 weeks

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  1. So much cuteness, I can't handle it. I'm so impressed with Ellie, she's so smart. Just like Mom and Dad. :)