Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Overview

Here are some more April pictures...

I planned that April 1st would be time to get rid of the Paci. She was only using it when she slept but it was time. We talked about it with her for awhile. We talked about how she would throw it in the trash and save it for the baby. For some reason that logic made sense to her. She didn't have a single problem with it. She asked for it a few times at night which I just told her, "We threw it away, remember?" And that was that.

This dress has been a favorite of Ellie's. She would wear it all day everyday if I let her. 
I love how I gave her a snack and she seated herself right there in the entryway. 

I rarely check on Ellie before I go to bed. But she had a rough time going to sleep this night so I checked on her and found her through the bars. Makes me wonder how many other times that has happened. Ha.

 If she isn't wearing this dress, or any other dress, she has her Elsa cape and crown on. But when she pairs both together, magical. She really is a Princess. I really do enjoy how girly she is. She plays princess all day long.

 And if she's not pretend-playing princess she's playing with her Princesses. My mom bought her this Cinderella Magiclip doll when we were in AZ in March. I knew she'd like it because she watches these youtube videos of a lady making play-doh dresses for her Magiclip dolls. And that lady makes a lot of money, by the way. Sure enough, Ellie loves it. She carries Cinderella and her pink and blue dress around everywhere and makes play-doh dresses for her too.

 I found Ellie a bed off a facebook yard sale page and decided to give it a fresh coat of paint. We used a stripper for the first time which was nicer than sanding, sorta, but it left a huge mess. Ellie loved to help vacuum it up. Cinderella, Cinderella.
James' mom was here visiting us for awhile and she got Ellie really interested in dancing to ballerina music. So here is Ellie in her room with her animals all lined up dancing while Grandma sings. 

Here I am 21.3 weeks pregnant. May not seem like it but compared to more recent pictures I've taken I can tell I was holding onto more water here. So my goal, especially with summer is to DRINK WATER.
 Matchy Matchy for church 

Last, but not least!!!
James tore his ACL and Meniscus playing soccer at church in the middle of April. Long story short, he had surgery 2 weeks later. He has to be on crutches for 6 weeks in full leg brace.
Thankfully, James' mom was here at the same time coincidenntly so she was able to watch Ellie while I took James to have surgery.

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