Thursday, September 24, 2015

Going Home

Then it was time to go home.
Jyler's outfit was a gift and is from the Gap. It was super cute. I loved it!
I made his hat and had someone local make me the embroidered tag with his name. 

 Famous first car seat photo.
Our leaving the hospital photo.

The car ride home was rough. It made me feel nauseous. I closed my eyes the entire way.
 My mom and James bought me flowers, balloon and a few gifts. We also had a friend bring us dinner. The welcome home was very nice.
(Becky-see all the Gap packages waiting for me, hehe)

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  1. LOL! I love your little note to me. Yay Gap mail! I loved that sale. And gosh, I just love your babies. Ellie is to die for. Jyler is the snuggliest baby EVER. I miss them already.