Sunday, September 20, 2015

Visits from Grandma and Ellie

I was so excited for Ellie to finally meet her baby brother. My mom brought her around lunch time and I video recorded her first reactions. She is too cute for words. I love her so much. She is so genuinely in love with him. She even brought her baby doll with her and my mom said she hadn't even been playing with it, she just grabbed it before they left.
First family picture

 Asking about his belly button

Ellie has the Queen Elsa doll and has been using another random doll as Anna for quite some time so James and I bought her Anna as her big sister gift. She was so excited that immediately after she wanted to go home to play. 

My mom and Jyler

Our Celebration Meal. We weren't as impressed this time. 

 Some extra pictures...

Before I knew if I was going to get discharged or not, James went home to get Ellie, give my mom a break and do some last minute gift getting. After he brought Ellie back the hospital I grabbed a few more picture of them. 

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