Friday, April 23, 2010

Another Round of Deals

James and I shopped for 5 hours today. 6 grocery stores and a few other stops. Crazy right?

1st: Sams club (no special deals)

2nd: Sunflower only got three things, but the artichokes were $0.97, good deal.

3rd: Frys (this could potentially be a long story, but I'll spare you) Strawberries $0.88, and a few other things

4th: Safeway (and the deals begin....)
-Delimex Taquitos (Safeway coupon - manufacture coupon=$3.99, originally$9.99)
-buy 5 kraft cheese products get $5 I bought 5 of the new cream cheese mini's and used 5 $0.55 blinky coupons so Safeway actually owed be $0.30 for that purchase
-4 Windex bottles for FREE. Buy 4 at $1.99 each, had a $1.00 of coupon for each, received $4 in Catalina (the coupons that print out by the register for me to use on the next purchase)
-Also got grapes $0.99
-lunch meat (on sale-coupon)
-2 bags of salad $0.99each

So in the end I paid $13.20 for all this then I got the $4 to use next purchase. I saved 76%!!!

--bored yet?--

5th: Albertsons
-Lays potato chip ($2.88 each - B1G1 coupon)
-4 boxes of mini wheats (2/$6, coupon on box for $1 off, plus manufacture coupons for $1 and $1.50 0ff. They ended up being less than $1 a box!)
-Albertson's 10items for $10 on everything else you see in the picture below but let me tell you about that simply lemonade. The 10 for 10 was on Simply OJ, but they were all out so I asked some random stocking guy if they are going to stock anymore and he said no they are all out. So I asked, "does Albertson's trade similar products for ones that are out" and the man responded "yeah I can do that for you. If they give you any problems tell them Rob said it was okay." (Rob ended up checking us out anyways, but I sure asked the right person. AND the lemonade was more expensive than the OJ, woop woop!)
-Then the Sara Lee pound cake I wouldn't have gotten, but that too is a long story.
#6: Walgreens
-wax paper and foil for $0.88 each
-gummy bears $0.12 each ($0.39each-coupon)
-Men's razors ($3.99-$3.00 coupon)
-Kotex U tampons ($3.49-$3.00 coupon+ Register Rewards)
I used a previous $2.50 register rewards on this order hoping for another one to print out, but it didn't. The lady wasn't sure if it could be fixed so I asked to speak to a manager (hehe) he did what managers do and I got my register reward for $2.50. On my second order I got tampons that were on sale for $1 for 18ct (I usually spend $4 on that many!!) and a few other things then used my RR that was just printed.

PHEW I seriously have a migraine. I don't know if I'll blog about my deals anymore, but they do many me excited so hope you enjoy reading about all the savings. Some of these deals are still going on so take advantage of them!


  1. That's amazing! I got an email of free doritos coupons if you'd like me to forward it to you! My mom and I both got a free bag today :].

  2. It takes a lot of effort huh! Many trips and coupon clipping, organizing...but I think it's worth it. Good job!

  3. I got some of the same deals this week too. Fun stuff!

  4. I wanna be like you when I grow up. Seriously, I just can not get my head around the couponing game, and it IS a game. But, so worth it. Your deals were amazing.