Friday, July 29, 2011

Baby Pictures

I have been busy!! And with work starting I will be even more busy.
I am a little late posting these pictures considering we took them soon after Everett was born and he is now a month old.
A month old!?
Wow time FLYS!

Tania was the primary photographer for her own baby's pictures
and he couldn't have been any easier to work with,
making my job (the baby catcher and pose monitor) a breeze.
pose monitor=making sure the baby looks cute

I crocheted the hat and diaper cover
I crocheted this little elf hat too
Recognize the blanket from this post?

Saved the best for last!I have to post chronologically so these pictures are first and more blog posts to come.
I know that makes some of you smile.


  1. I love the last four, totally adorable! I've been so excited to see these.

  2. I absouletly cannot stand the cuteness. Those are the best baby shots I've ever seen. Once again, if you ever come back east, please let me know!!!

  3. I love these pictures, Melissa! So darling!!!! I admire your work!!

  4. SOOO CUTE!!! You are incredibly creative!

  5. Hey Melissa This is Sharon Rogers, if you still remember me. I've been reading your blogs and I have to tell you that you're amazing!