Monday, July 11, 2011

Eye Surgery

[4 brades[6].jpg]

I stole this from a blog and found it so fitting.

Last Thursday I had epi-LASIK eye surgery.
After consulting with the doctor I only had my right eye lasered
so that when I get old and have gray hair
-more than I do already-
I won't need reading glasses so soon.

Between the ages of 40-50 people commonly develop
Presbyopia which usually means needing reading glasses.

Okay I only had one eye done.
Sometimes I close my eye to relieve
any discomfort or I close it in attempt
to focus better on something
and when I did that once James made a comment
about me winking at him
which naturally leads to this fitting comic.

Also, after I woke up
on Friday (the day after the surgery) my eye was puffy and slightly closed
which made me look like I had a lazy eye.
Attractive I know.

Post-op isn't really that fun. I had to sleep A LOT and do
nothing, because I can't see. Thankfully I have one eye that still works
so it hasn't been THAT horrible.

epi-LASIK has its Pros! but recovery time is a Con.

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  1. Love the picture ha. And it's very cool you don't have to wear glasses now! :)