Friday, July 5, 2013

6 month first foods

I decided to wait until Ellie turned 6 months to start solids.
Here she is trying rice cereal for the first time. She loved it then. Not so much now. Depends on the day I guess.

We also celebrated her turning 6 months, her half birthday, with 1/2 a cake.

Ellie LOVES licking and gnawing on apples. This was a little before 6 months, but here she is sitting at the table with us for the first time "eating" her apple.

The other day, James decided to give Ellie an orange. Oh-My-Goodness did she love it. At one point James thought it was getting too broken up and he took it away from her and she FREAKED out. 6 month olds can throw fits too. 

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