Sunday, July 7, 2013

AZ trip

Ellie and I took a trip to AZ in June. We left daddy at home to work so it was just us girls. Ellie did so wonderful on the plane. I was nervous, of course, having no idea how she'd do, but I made sure to sit next to friendly people (perk of self seating on Southwest) and they were so helpful which made my flight home easier because I knew I could manage my bags and her at the same time.

We stayed a full week and had a FULL schedule!!! I had so many people I wanted to see and still did not have the time to fit everyone in. Which does make me sad. 

My mom picked us up at the airport and we rested a bit at her house. Grandma sure did spoil Ellie with some new toys to play with while we were there. This was her first time in the exersaucer and she loved it! I wasn't going to buy one of these as they take up so much room, but I did get her one once we got back to ID. 

Our first stop was to see Tania and meet Jane.
Here is Sadie holding Ellie.

 Ellie and Jane getting acquainted. 7 weeks apart. Remember this...

 Then next day we visited Dawna and got see Tatum (last time I saw her was when I took her newborn pictures) and meet Aubry for the first time. Aubry and Ellie are 2 months apart. I forgot to take a picture until I was about to leave. Aubry is sleeping and I was about to change a diaper. Great pic. Glad I got to see Dawna-I miss you :)

Then, it was Ellie and Jane's first time in the pool. 

 Ellie loved chilling in the water.

Tania spent the night so we could have girl time. Which consisted of me getting my hair cut. I only loved my long hair sometimes. So I was ready to go short again. 

Our last adventure of "firsts with Jane" was ear piercing! 

 Auntie Cassidy giving Ellie cuddles before the "trauma."

I made Tania and Jane go first. We tried to find a place that did both ears at once but we couldn't. However, the lady was super fast so that was good.

As soon as Ellie got her paci she was fine. She honestly cries longer when she gets her shots. 

Cassidy and I stopped by her friend Jordan's house so they could meet Ellie too. Ellie LOVED her dog. It was the funniest thing ever to hear her laugh. I got it on video.

I got to see Nicolette too. I've seen both her kids when they were little babies. It's crazy how big they are now.

The next morning we went to my Dad's house to say hi and meet baby Camden (Ellie and Camden are step cousins).
Grandpa, Ellie and Roxy

 Kristina (Cassidy's friend since Kinder) stopped by too

Jeff (holding Ellie), Grace and Camden

That night we got my mom's side of the family together so they could all meet Ellie. I got more on video then I did pictures. I hate when I think I took enough only to realize I recorded more. Oh well. Glad everyone came and got to meet her.

Next stop was Tucson. We went and stayed with my Aunt and cousins. My Grandma and Grandpa came down from Tubac to have dinner and see Ellie. My Grandma was so excited to meet her and I'm so glad they did!  

 The next day I got to have lunch with the psychologist I used to work with at school. I didn't get a picture, blah, but it was fun being able to catch up.

Lastly, we stopped by Clay and Candice's house. Clay is Tania's older brother and we all were friends when we lived in Tucson. I haven't met their baby Lily and they needed to meet Ellie so we stopped by and said hello.

Ellie and Lily are 6 months apart. Lyza was napping so we didn't get a picture with her.

My friend Emily came down from Pinetop early before she headed out of town so we could hang out and so she of course could meet her "niece" Ellie. Emily and I were roommates in college and became the bestest of friends. I didn't get a picture of her either, what the heck! Only video.

Grandma and Ellie

 Cassidy and Ellie

us 3

Stella and Ellie. Stella loved Ellie and Ellie does not mind dogs at all. She loved all the kisses. She even loves our dog, Jolie, but unfortunately, Jolie gets too worried about her fur getting pulled that she knows when to get away.

It was a good trip to AZ. I thought for sure we would melt. But we did just fine in the heat. It's crazy how fast your body acclimates to cooler weather. Ellie was such a trooper too. We did A LOT in a short amount of time, but she handled it really well! Oh, and she started sitting up by herself right after we got there, like day one. And by the time we left at the end of the week I could feel a tooth right under her gums.


  1. YAY for arizona! it's so nice to be able to go back sometimes, that picture of ellie crying getting her ears pierced is so sad!!! ha. and she's sitting up like a pro!

  2. I'm glad I got to see more of your trip. We were kind of slacking on the picture taking. I bummed! I'm so glad I got to see you, but only for a few sweet hours. Next time I'll fly up there! I miss you guys so much and I'm glad I got to meet the lovely "niece" Ellie!

  3. So many pictures, love them all!