Friday, July 19, 2013

Ellie's Room

I finally got Ellie's room done! It's been mostly done for awhile now, but I decided to rearrange a few things and had one last thing to hang. My goal was to have it very light and airy. I call it "shabby chic meets rustic." 

Here is how the room was BEFORE.


The hanging quilt with the yellow border is something my grandma cross-stiched like 50 some years ago or about that. I had asked her if she had anything she could hand down to me like a quilt or something and she told me that had that in her closet but never had it finished. Then when she found out I was pregnant she got it out and had it quilted. I should have taken a close up picture. Maybe I'll add it on here later. But I love it. 


  1. it looks so good melissa! you are amazing!! miss you!

  2. What a precious quilt to have to be handed down from one generation to another. Cross stitching is very time consuming, I know because I use to do it allot. Hang on to this and teach Ellie about how important it is to save and hand down to her child some day when she is old enough. I would love to see this allot closer! Love anonimous