Saturday, September 7, 2013

9 months old

9 months ago...I was 38 weeks pregnant with Ellie, then she was born.
 Best Day Ever.

"Daddy's Pride and Joy"

"Daddy Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, He LOVES Me!" 
Ellie loves getting into things and especially loves playing with rocks, grass, dirt, leaves and flowers.
 {and eating them}

 You can tell in these pictures that Ellie's personality has taken off. Proof with the number of different faces she makes.


"Momma's Brown-Eyed Beauty"
Ellie's details. 

"9 Month Monthly Update"
15lbs 1oz (6%) 25in long (0%) 
Ellie continues to be petite. She is following her own curve perfectly though. 
 Ellie is meeting all her milestones. I could list everything that she does that is cute, but that would be one long list. She makes us very happy though with each new cute thing she does.
She started clapping her hands together today.

"From Our Family to Yours"

P.S. It's 100% Ellie's fault there are so many pictures. She is just so darn cute. 


  1. Such a darn cutie!! wish we could get together one day for a playdate, wouldn't that be so fun. I can't believe she stayed on that chair for so long for those pictures, what a doll. And i LOVE your new haircut, when did this happen???

  2. I seriously have the cutest niece. Very cute pics melis. Good job! Print me some :)