Friday, September 13, 2013

Finishing up August

Some random pictures from August (Ellie is still 8months):

I left her for a second (or two) and came back to see her playing with her books. So I left again, for another second, to get my camera. Such a sweet thing to see.

Ellie isn't really into sitting still while I read. She rather just grab the book and eat it. However, this one time on the floor, she was laying and watching the pages as I read. *Cue heart melting*

Getting into her toys.

James was eating chips the other day and he goes, "Melissa, watch this." He would take a bite, Ellie would get in real close and LICK his mouth. It was so funny. So we made her do it again a few times so we could get pictures.

Always a wonderful helper. This was the first time she's actually climbed into/onto something. When she stands up next to things I can see her little legs move like she just wants to climb up into it, so I'm pretty sure she was proud of herself here.


  1. That is hilarious! What a sweet girl she is :)

  2. The one of her licking his face...priceless! I'm laughing so hard.