Sunday, September 1, 2013

Living Room Revealed

Alright. The waiting is over. At least for one room. This is our front living room. The room you see right when you walk in the front door.
To start, here is the before:

Here is the front door. When you walk in... see this. 
The scrabble pillows spell out LOVE. Made by Tania for a Christmas present one year. The chairs and couch are from Target. The coffee table we are thinking about repainting. It's a little large for the room, but we don't really want to part with it. We also hung white blinds on the windows but will leave the french door windows open. That fan was like a purplish finish with super light colored blades. I spray painted the fan and bought walnut colored blades. It's a high quality fan so we didn't want to replace it. Cost about $23 to redo. 

To the left. Those are unpainted doors into our master bedroom. That black bookcase may or may not stay. We aren't sure yet. That dresser is from a garage sale (more later). 

Those are pinterest shelves (more later). That frame I got at a garage sale for a quarter I think and I got glass cut for it.

Ok the dresser. I picked this up along with 3 old chairs for $40. But as always, my projects end up being LONG projects. I was determined to do the entire redo all by myself but I did end up needing James' help. The paint was very chippy and even after sanding it it would still flake right off. I didn't have enough strength to keep sanding so I had James sand it to the bone. 
Then, I really wanted to try chalk paint since people rave about it. But I wasn't about to spend the money on the real stuff so I made my own (from a tutorial). I think it worked out pretty well. I used flat paint and the lady in the tutorial used satin but I don't think that matters too much. However, my dresser was super dry so it soaked in the paint fast and the paint was hard to spread which I don't think would normally be the case. I would do it again. Oh, and it does lighten the paint color a bit when you make your own.

I love this shelving. This was the big project my sister helped me with. We drew everything to scale and figured out every little detail so James didn't have to. We used pine wood and sanded slightly and stained it with only one coat of stain.
  This is the front door again and the chandelier. I love it. Glad I splurged. 

What do you think? Comment below!


  1. Looks really good sis! Good job!

  2. great job lady! my favorite part is the shelves for sure!!

  3. This room looks AMAZING! You did fantastic. The dresser is my favorite, I love that color. Good job!